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Scripps Young Alumni Council

Young Alumni Council

About Young Alumni Council

The purpose of the Scripps Young Alumni Council is two-fold. 

The primary goal is to convene a group of younger alumni from diverse industries and perspectives to provide advice, knowledge and feedback to current students on real-world situations through regular engagement. Members of the Young Alumni Council will have opportunities to interact with students throughout the nine-month program during virtual meetings, through student organization speaker opportunities and also on campus during the two mandatory in-person events. 

Those who serve on the council will also interact with and gain benefit through contact with the college's leadership and faculty and the Dean's Advisory Council, founded in 2000. Young Alumni Council members will have opportunities for professional development on a variety of topics, including networking, career strategy, the business of media, and leadership,  as well as emerging communication technologies like artificial intelligence and data analytics. 

Through interaction with students and college leadership, Young Alumni Council members will help us to shape our curriculum and career development courses in the college. 

Members of the Young Alumni Council may choose to serve a term of two to four years.

Why join the Young Alumni Council?

  • Engage with current students and leaders in the college, as well as members of the Dean's Advisory Council
  • Connect with fellow recent alumni to build your Bobcat network
  • Mentor and engage students through a variety of virtual and in-person meetings.
  • Develop professionally through mini workshops given by college leadership and faculty.
  • Help the college to determine priorities with curriculum, particularly career strategies and development courses. 

2024-2025 Schedule of Sessions

The Scripps Young Alumni Council initial cohort will meet August 2024 through April 2025. Two daylong sessions are mandatory and will be held in-person on the Ohio University campus in Athens, Ohio, in September and March. All other monthly sessions are virtual and held on the second Tuesday of every month (August, October, November, December, January, February and April) from 6-7 p.m. ET. All sessions are mandatory unless otherwise noted.

  • August 13 – Virtual
  • September 19 – Optional cohort evening activity, Athens, Ohio
  • September 20 – On-campus cohort activities, Athens, Ohio
  • October 8 – Virtual
  • November 12 – Virtual
  • December 10 – Virtual
  • January 14 – Virtual
  • February 11 – Virtual
  • March 27 – Optional evening cohort activity with Dean’s Advisory Council, Athens, Ohio 
  • March 28 – On-campus cohort activities with Dean’s Advisory Council, Athens, Ohio
  • April 8 – Final first year cohort session, virtual 

Due to busy summer schedules, we will pause meetings in May, June and July, and also use the time to collect additional applications to further grow the Young Alumni Council for the second year of the program. Again, members may choose to serve a term of two to four years, with a break each summer.

  • How to Apply

    Applications will be accepted through Monday, July 1, 2024, at 11:59 p.m.

    Application elements include:

    • Basic contact and education information
    • Resume
    • LinkedIn and/or personal web site URLs.
    • Three brief essay prompts:
      • Brief bio (1200-character max.)
      • Interest statement (1200-character max.)
      • Professional development topic ideas (1200-character max.)

    Please note, our application system will not save progress if exited mid-way. Therefore, please plan to submit all pieces of the application in one sitting.

Financial Commitment

While there is no membership fee for the Scripps Young Alumni Council, members will pay for their own transportation and lodging in Athens for the September and March on-campus sessions. Participants of the program will not only receive the monthly professional development sessions but will also enjoy catered meals during the in-person events.

Requirements and Additional Information

  • The Scripps Young Alumni Council is open to Ohio University Scripps College of Communication alumni who graduated 15 or less years ago.
  • Approximately 12-15 alumni will join the inaugural 2024-2025 cohort.
  • Participants must attend all sessions, both in-person and virtual.
  • The nine-month program time commitment is approximately 20 hours with additional time for travel.