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Record Your Own Podast

three students sit in front of microphones in the podcast studio

Located in the heart of the Schoonover Center lobby, OHIO's Podcast Studio is available for Scripps College of Communication students to reserve throughout the year. Featuring recording equipment and enough space for at least four people to record together, "the Pod" is a fully-equipped and convenient way to get your podcast idea rolling! We built the studio with our students in mind—whether you’re pursuing a podcasting certificate or independently exploring the world’s most popular audio storytelling medium, the Pod is a great resource.

To reserve a time slot to record in the Podcast Studio, stop by the welcome desk in the Schoonover Center lobby.



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"The podcast studio allowed our organization access to professional equipment where we could improve the quality of our audio, in comparison to previous years. We also were given the opportunity to use microphones and headphones, so we could hear the quality and make alterations."

—Odessa Robinson, Communications Studies major (2023)

Odessa Robinson, Communications Studies major (2023)