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Close-up of a soundboard
Audio Facilities
State-of-the art facilities for our students

Audio Facilities

Student plays the piano in a sound recording studio
Student plays a drumset in OHIO's audio studio 329

RTVC 329: Sound Recording Studio

You’ll record and mix audio tracks in RTVC 329, which is centered around a Rupert Neve Design 5088 Discrete Analogue Mixer, Genelec 1038B three-way active monitors, and an Antelope Orion 32 channel AD/DA converter for use with Avid ProTools, Apple Logic Pro X and Ableton Live. The studio was designed by legendary studio designer John Storyk.

We teach classes here and MDIA majors reserve the space to complete projects. Those projects start with the recording and mixing of a single track and build from there. By the time students in the production track are enrolled in the Brick City Records capstone class, they record independently with artists in 329.

Student uses sound equipment in OHIO's sound mixing and mastering studio
Sound equipment in OHIO's sound mixing and mastering studio

RTVC 315: Mixing and Mastering Studio

This space is where you’ll mix, master and overdub recorded tracks to finalize for distribution. MDIA students use RTVC 315 for course projects and you’ll find the Brick City Records production groups in here for the majority of their capstone experience. The room is tailored for the creative artist, with access to digital tools for music creation, mixing, and mastering, as well as a separate isolation booth for recording vocals and overdubs.

The studio  is centered around a Slate Audio Raven MTi2 Multi-Touch Production Console, Barefoot Sound FootPrint 02 3-Way Active Monitors, full access to UAD's plug-in library, and an Antelope Orion 32 channel AD/DA converter for use with Avid ProTools, Apple Logic Pro X, and Ableton Live. 

Student stands on rocks while recording sound effects in OHIO's post-production audio studio
Student records sound effects in one room with another student monitoring equipment next door in OHIO's post production audio studio

Schoonover 448: Sound Post Production and Listening Lab

It’s here, in the post-production studio, where you’ll evaluate and mix sound, as well as record dialog and foley (sound effects), for cinema, television and animation.  MDIA students reserve the space to complete sound design on projects ranging from animated shorts, documentaries, and short and full-length cinema releases.  

The 5.1 room  is centered around a 32-fader Yamaha Nuage System, outfitted with Avid ProTools HD and Nuendo. Additionally, the Schoonover Center 448 Suite features a 9-pit Foley and ADR stage.

Podcasting studio

Schoonover Lobby: Podcasting Studio

Located in the heart of the Schoonover lobby, our Podcast Studio is available for students to reserve throughout the year. We built the studio with our students in mind—whether you’re pursuing a podcasting certificate or independently exploring the world’s most popular audio storytelling medium, the Pod is a great resource.

Recording equipment is provided and includes Shure SM7B studio microphones, a set of Sony studio headphones for each microphone, and a Rodecaster Pro integrated podcast production console. There is enough space for at least four people to record together, making it a convenient way to get your podcast idea rolling!