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Spring Semester 2020-21 Grading Policy FAQ

When may I request the Satisfactory grade?

Students will be able to request the Satisfactory grade through MyOHIO Student Center after their faculty member has assigned their official grade. The official grade must be available in MyOHIO Student Center and the course must not be on the exempted courses list. The exempted courses list will be available by March 12. For more details on the process review the Satisfactory Grade Opt In process.

When is the last day to opt into the alternative grading?

The deadline to opt in is Friday, May 7, 2021, by 5:00 p.m. Eastern.

I am retaking an undergraduate class (1000-4000 level) this semester. Will the Satisfactory grade replace my previous grade?

Yes. The Satisfactory grade will retake the previous grade which means the prior grade will be removed from your accumulative GPA, however, the grade earned previously will remain on your official record and transcript.

The requirement for my major or program is a C (or B) or better in a specific course. If I elect the Satisfactory grade will it meet the requirement?

Provided the course you are currently enrolled in is not on the exempted list, the Satisfactory grade will fulfill that requirement.

Where can I find the list of exempted courses?

The undergraduate courses that are approved to be exempted are available on the exempted courses webpage

If I am going to receive a D grade (D+, D, D-) in an undergraduate class, do I need to elect the Satisfactory grade?

No. All D (D+, D, D-) grades will automatically convert to Satisfactory after May 7, 2021, unless the course is exempted.

If I am going to receive an F grade, do I need to elect the No Credit grade?

All earned F grades will automatically convert to No Credit (NC) after May 7, 2021, however, FN/FS grades will remain as FN/FS and impact your GPA. An FN grade is assigned if you never attended class and an FS grade is assigned if you stopped attending/participating in class. Please continue to attend/participate in your classes.

NC grades will not impact your GPA. 

Does Satisfactory or No Credit impact my GPA?

No. Neither the Satisfactory nor No Credit will impact the semester or accumulative GPA.

I am an undergraduate student on probation this semester, will I be able to get off probation?

Yes, if your accumulative GPA is greater than or equal to 2.0 then you will be removed from probation.

Can I select individual classes for the Satisfactory grade or is it all classes?

You may select which classes you would like the Satisfactory grade provided they are not on the exempted courses list. You do not have to elect all classes.

The course I want to register for Fall Semester 2021-22 requires a specific grade in a course I am completing this semester. Will I be able to register for that course if I elect the Satisfactory grade?

Yes, satisfactory grades will fulfill requisites even when a minimum grade is required.

If I receive an Incomplete grade this semester, how much time do I have to complete it?

The deadline to complete the work for an Incomplete grade has been extended to the last day of class of the Fall 2021-22 semester. Once the Incomplete grade has been changed, students have five business days to opt in to the Satisfactory grade. Incomplete grades that convert to F grades will automatically convert to No Credit unless it is an exempted course.

Will flexibility be provided for undergraduate students who elect the S grade and want to change their major to a program with selective admissions?

Yes, all colleges are committed to supporting our students and will allow for leniency when considering students who are requesting to transfer to a new undergraduate major/college. However, due to the admission requirements for the Associate in Nursing and Baccalaureate Nursing degrees, any student considering changing their major to either of these programs is encouraged to contact the College of Health Sciences & Professions at before electing the S grade.

Will the Graduation with Honor policy change?

Yes. To be eligible for graduation with honor, you must complete a minimum of twenty-four hours of coursework with letter grades that affect your GPA in residence at Ohio University. This is reduced from thirty hours. The minimum GPA requirements remain the same. The GPA requirements for graduation with honor are: cum laude (with honor), 3.5 to 3.749; magna cum laude (with high honor), 3.75 to 3.899; and summa cum laude (with highest honor), 3.9 to 4.0. This change will be in effect through graduation of Summer 2020-2021.

If I opt in to receive a Satisfactory grade, do I need to finish the class and take the exam?

Yes. You still need to complete the class by participating and completing the final exam. If you stop attending then the FS grade may be assigned indicating that you stopped attending. The FS grade counts as a failing grade (zero grade points) in your GPA.

If I am retaking a class and receive an NC grade will it replace the previous grade?

No. An NC grade indicates No Credit is earned. It is the same as an F grade, but it will NOT impact your GPA.

Are graduate students allowed to opt into the alternative grading?

No. The alternative grading option is not available for graduate courses.

Are College Credit Plus (CC+) students eligible to elect the Satisfactory grade?

Based on State of Ohio law, College Credit Plus students are not eligible to participate in the alternative grading policy at this time. However, the Ohio Department of Education may provide guidance that will permit CC+ students to participate as they did spring semester. See update below that permits CC+ students to participate.

November 23, 2020 Update is below:

Yes. The Ohio Department of Education has issued guidance that permits CC+ students to choose the Satisfactory grade option. Students are strongly encouraged to discuss the option with their school counselors and university advisors as this type of grade may impact grade point average/class rank calculations, future financial aid, athletic eligibility, etc.


If I have a financial or outstanding balance hold, will I still be able to opt into the Satisfactory grade?

Yes. The student can see their final grade in the S Grade Opt In box regardless of whether they have a hold. Thus, they should click the opt in box on the main student center page and then they will see their classes and if a grade has been assigned.

Will the Dean's List policy change?

Yes. For the Spring Semester 2020-21, you must complete at least 6 hours with letter grades (A-F), earn 12 hours, and earn a 3.5 term GPA.