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Spring Semester 2019-20 Exempted Courses for Grading Policy

Representatives from Student Senate, Graduate Student Senate, Faculty Senate (including the Educational Policy and Student Affairs committee), and the Provost’s Office have developed a flexible, alternative grading system as well as additional adjustments to key academic policies for Spring Semester 2019-2020. The alternative grading system has an expanded range of grading options and applies to spring semester undergraduate courses and graduate courses, regardless of their original modality — online, hybrid, or face-to-face — unless a course is exempted from this option (see Course Exemption section below). Courses that were completed prior to March 23, 2020, are not eligible for these grading options. An FAQ regarding the grading policy for Spring Semester 2019-20 is available online.


Course Exemptions


Departments or schools may exempt some courses from the S/NC system if traditional A to F grades are essential for programmatic accreditation, licensure, or similar reasons. The list of courses exempted are below:

Russ College of Engineering and Technology
Subject Catalog Number Title
  AVN 1100 Private Pilot Ground
  AVN 3100 Instrument Pilot Ground
  AVN 3500 Commercial Pilot Ground
  CHE 2010 Mass and Energy Balances II
  CS 2401 Intro to Computer Sciences II
  EE 2104 Circuits I
  EE 2213 Instrumentation Laboratory
  ET 2200 Statics
  ET 2220 Strength of Materials
  ET 2240 Dynamics
  ET 3200 Engineering Thermodynamics
Health Sciences and Professions
Subject Catalog Number Title
  NURS ALL All Undergraduate Nursing Courses
  NRSE ALL All Undergraduate Nursing Courses
  NUTR 1100 Introduction to Food Systems
  NUTR 2100 Lifespan Nutrition
  NUTR 2250 Principles of Food Science
  NUTR 2990 Professional Development in Food Nutriton
  NUTR 3000 Nutrient Metabolism
  NUTR 3100 Medical Nutrition Therapy I
  NUTR 3300 Principles of Quantity Food Production and Purchasing
  NUTR 3350 Intro to Food Production
  NUTR 3600 Nutrition Counseling
  NUTR 3921 Dietetic Field Experience
  NUTR 4000 Nutrition in the Community
  NUTR 4050 Advanced Nutrition
  NUTR 4100 Medical Nutrition Therapy II
  NUTR 4200 Experimental Foods
  NUTR 4320 Diabetes From Bench to Bedside
  NUTR 4901 Food Nutrition Senior Seminar
  NUTR 4920 Nutrition Counseling Program
Scripps College of Communication
Subject Catalog Number Title
  JOUR 1330 Precision Language
  JOUR 2311 Multiplatform Reporting and Writing
  JOUR 3100 Communication Law
  JOUR 3200 Ethics, Mass Media, and Society
University College
Subject Catalog Number Title
  AST ALL All Undergraduate Aerospace Studies Courses
  MSC ALL All Undergraduate Military Science Courses


Graduate Courses
College of Arts and Sciences
Subject Catalog Number Title
  PSY ALL All Graduate Psychology Courses
College of Health Sciences and Professions
Subject Catalog Number Title
  NRSE ALL All Graduate Nursing Courses
  PA 5240 Clinical Pathophysiology III
  PA 5320 Patient Assessment II
  PA 5513 Clinical Medicine III
  PA 5514 Clinical Medicine IV
  PA 5550 Behavioral and Mental Health
  PA 6101 Clinical Rotation: Behavior and Mental Health
  PA 6102 Clinical Rotation: Emergency Medicine
  PA 6103 Clinical Rotation: Family Medicine
  PA 6104 Clinical Rotation: General Surgery
  PA 6107 Clinical Rotation: Internal Medicine II
  PA 6108 Clinical Rotation: Pediatric Medicine
  PA 6109 Clinical Rotation: Women's Health
  PA 6110 Clinical Rotation: General Selective I
  PA 6111 Clinical Rotation: General Selective II
  PA 6112 Clinical Rotation: Speciality Selective