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Spring Semester 2020-21 Exempted Courses for Grading Policy

A flexible, alternative grading system as well as additional adjustments to key academic policies for Spring Semester 2020-2021 are approved. The alternative grading system has an expanded range of grading options and applies to spring semester undergraduate courses, regardless of their original modality — online, hybrid, or face-to-face — unless a course is exempted from this option (see Course Exemptions section below). An FAQ regarding the grading policy for Spring Semester 2020-21 is available online


Course Exemptions for Spring Semester 2020-21

Departments or schools may exempt some courses from the S/NC system if traditional A to F grades are essential for programmatic accreditation, licensure, or similar reasons. The list of approved courses exempted are below:

Subject Catalog Number Title
ACCT 1010 Foundations of Accounting
ACCT 1020 Decision Making with Accounting
ACCT 3040 Financial Accounting and Reporting I
ACCT 3050 Financial Accounting and Reporting II
ACCT 3100 Managerial Accounting
ACCT 3400 Introduction to Federal Income and Tax Planning
ACCT 4200 Assurance Services and Internal Controls
ACCT 4400 Single-Entity Accounting and Tax Planning
ACCT 4600 Multiple-Entity Accounting and Tax Planning
ACCT 4700 Data Analytics for Accounting
AVN 1100 Private Pilot Ground School
AVN 3100 Instrument Pilot Ground School
AVN 3500 Commercial Pilot Ground School
BA 1500 Intro to Business Communication and Professional Skills
BA 2500 Strategic Business Communication
BA 4905 Seminar in Business Administration
BA 4920 International Business Experience
BIOS 1700 Biological Sciences I
BIOS 1705 Biological Sciences I Lab
BIOS 1710 Biological Sciences II
BIOS 1715 Biological Sciences II Lab
BIOS 3100 General Genetics
BIOS 3200 Fundamentals of Animal Cell Biology
BIOS 3300 Principles of Evolution
CE 2010 CE Computational Techniques
CE 2100 Elements of Land Surveying
CE 2160 Construction Engineering and Management
CE 2220 Civil Engineering Graphics
CE 3110 Route Engineering
CE 3410 Hydraulics Laboratory
CE 3420 Applied Hydraulics and Hydrology
CE 3800 Civil Engineering Materials
CE 4001 Societal Concerns in Civil Engineering
CE 4280 Experimental Methods in CE
CE 4330 Structural Design in Steel
CE 4911 Sr. Design - Env./Water Resources
CE 4912 Sr. Design - Structures and Found
CHE 2000 Mass and Energy Balances I
CHE 2010 Mass and Energy Balances II
CHE 3600 Mass Transfer and Separations
CHE 3700 Chemical Reaction Engineering
CHE 3800 ChE Modeling and Application Calculations
CHE 4120 Unit Operations Lab II
CHE 4310 Chemical Engineering Process Design II
CHEM 1500 Concepts in Chemistry
CHEM 1510 Fundamentals of Chemistry I
CHEM 1520 Fundamentals of Chemistry II
CHEM 3050 Organic Chemistry I
CFS 2000 Fundamentals in CFS
CFS 2100 Fund Child Life and Ped Settings
CFS 2700 Intimate and Family Relations
CFS 2710 Individual Family Lifespan
CFS 2720 Aging and Family Rels. Mod Society
CFS 3920 CFS Practicum
CFS 4602 Prof. Assess and Helping Skills
CFS 4910 CFS Internship
CS 2401 Introduction to Computer Science II
CS 3610 Data Structures
CS 4561 Software Design and Development II
EDPL 3600 Field Experience
EE 2104 Circuits I
EE 2213 Instrumentation Laboratory
EE 4963 ECE Capstone Design II
ET 1100 Engineering Graphics Fundamentals
ET 2200 Statics
ET 2220 Strength in Materials
ET 2240 Dynamics
ET 3200 Engineering Thermodynamics
FIN 3000 Introduction to Corporate Finance
FIN 3200 Financial Statement Analysis and Financial Modeling
FIN 3270 Financial Markets and Institutions
FIN 3310 Risk and Insurance
FIN 3410 Investments
FIN 4100 Personal Financial Planning
FIN 4140 Cases in Financial Planning
FIN 4460 Fixed Incomes and Futures
FIN 4470 Equity and Option Valuation
FIN 4480 Portfolio Management
FIN 4510 Intermediate Corporate Finance
FIN 4550 International Finance
FIN 4580 Applied Corporate Finance
ISE 3200 Engineering Statistics
ISE 3210 Engineering Probability
ISE 4150 Information Systems Engineering
ISE 4170 Lean Manufacturing and Service Systems
ISE 4311 Applied Systems Engineering 
ISE 4192 Senior Capstone
JOUR 1330 Precision Language
JOUR 2311 Multiplatform Reporting
JOUR 3100 Communication Law
JOUR 3200 Ethics, Mass Media, and Society
JOUR 4130 Gender, Race, and Class in Journalism and Mass Media
MGT 2100 Introduction to Management and Organization
MGT 3730 Entrepreneurial Business Consulting
MGT 4800J Business Strategy
MIS 2020 Business Information Systems
MIS 2200 Systems Analysis and Design
MIS 2800 Business Intelligence and Information Management
MIS 3200 Systems Development
MIS 3800 Enterprise Systems Implementation
MIS 4200 Information System Consulting Project
MIS 4580 Advanced Business Intelligence
MIS 4800 MIS Capstone
MKT 2400 Introduction to Marketing Management
NRSE ALL All Undergraduate Nursing Courses
NURS ALL All Undergraduate Nursing Courses
NUTR 1100 Intro to Food Systems
NUTR 2100 Lifespan Nutrition
NUTR 2250 Principles in Food Science
NUTR 2990 Prof. Development Food Nutrition
NUTR 3000 Nutrition Metabolism
NUTR 3100 Medical Nutrition Therapy I
NUTR 3300 Principles of  Quantity Food Production and Purchasing
NUTR 3350 Intro to Food Production
NUTR 3600 Nutrition Counseling
NUTR 3921 Dietetic Field Experience
NUTR 4000 Nutrition in the Community
NUTR 4050 Advanced Nutrition
NUTR 4100 Medical Nutrition Therapy II
NUTR 4200 Experimental Foods
NUTR 4320 Diabetes From Bench to Bedside
NUTR 4901 Food Nutrition Senior Seminar
NUTR 4920 Nutrition Counseling Practicum
QBA 1720 Intro to Information Analysis and Descriptive Analysis
QBA 2720 Business Analytics
QBA 3720 Predictive Analytics
QBA 4720 Prescriptive Analytics
SASM 4500 Senior Seminar in Sport Management