Ohio University

IT Service Catalog

Accounts, Passwords, and Identity

Accounts and Passwords

  • Accounts - Provisioning, activation, management, and lifecycle deactivation of OHIO online credentials, including OHIO IDs/passwords and sponsored guest accounts.
  • Passwords - Password changes, resets, and requirements.
  • Password Manager - Password Manager provides the capability to centrally manage and store multiple passwords in a single application behind one strong master password. The service also enables individuals to securely share passwords with designated recipients.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication - Multi-factor authentication adds a telephone or mobile app-based verification step to your OHIO login. Because a successful multi-factor login requires both a correct password and access to a specific telephone or mobile device, it makes it much harder for a cyber attacker to use a lost or stolen password to access your account.

ID Cards

  • ID Cards - Your Ohio University ID card is used to verify your status as a student, faculty or staff member in good standing. Student IDs are validated by registration/enrollment information, while staff IDs are validated based on Human Resources records.

Teaching, Learning, and Research

Teaching and Learning Tools

  • Learning Management System - Blackboard Learn is an online service for posting course-related materials and facilitating interactions between students, instructors, teaching assistants, and guests. Blackboard Learn integrates communication tools with a multitude of content delivery options.
  • VoiceThread - Upload, share and discuss documents, presentations, images, audio files and videos. Provide comments/feedback via microphone, webcam, text, phone, audio upload, or freehand markup.
  • Student Response System - The Top Hat student response system utilizes students' personal devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) combined with interactive slides to facilitate classroom discussions, track attendance, and conduct real time polls or quizzes. Outside of the classroom, Top Hat offers an InteractiveText platform where instructors can adopt, customize, or create Open Educational Resources for their courses in place of traditional textbooks.
  • Lecture Capture - Panopto is a cloud-based application for recording lectures, presentations, or events for later replay by students or colleagues.
  • Digital Course Materials - Technology solutions that promote affordable, digital content like ebooks and courseware for students.


  • Online Proctoring - A fee-based service that allows students to take a proctored exam on their own device from a location of their choosing.
  • On-campus Proctoring -  In-person proctored exams at our Athens campus location with options for proctoring at regional campuses and non-University testing centers.
  • Offsite Proctoring - Alternative in-person proctoring solutions for students who are unable to come to a Testing Services location.
  • Standardized Tests - Computer-based and written versions of standardized educational tests, including test used for college admissions and professional certifications.
  • Test Scoring - Automated processing of paper-based Scantron "bubble sheet" exams.


  • Surveys - Qualtrics Research Suite is an easy to use, powerful tool for creating online surveys. It supports a wide range of approaches, from simple questionnaires and event signup lists to sophisticated social science research instruments with extensive scripting, randomization and interactive question presentation.

  • Course and Instructor Evaluations: ClassClimate - Class Climate allows you to design your own custom evaluations/surveys and administer them online or via paper sheets. It offers a great deal of flexibility and returns results electronically via PDF or Excel format.


  • Ohio University Learning Network (OULN) - A network of dedicated videoconferencing classrooms on the Athens campus, regional campuses, and regional centers that supports high quality, real time, simultaneous interactions between participants in multiple locations.
  • Technology Packages - Installation and management of technology packages in classrooms to provide computer access, display projection, and sound.
  • Wireless Display Projection - Many OHIO classrooms and meeting spaces come with a Crestron AirMedia wireless display that lets you use a small, downloadable app to display video to the room's projector or flat panel over Wi-Fi.
  • Attendance Tracking - ID card-based attendance tracking in select university lecture halls for instructor-led classes and special events.


  • Supercomputing - Subsidized access to cluster computing through the OHIO Supercomputer Center for OHIO faculty and researchers.
  • LEO - Custom web application for managing grants through the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Collaboration, Email, and Storage

Collaboration and Storage Service Level Agreement

Email and Calendar

  • Email - Catmail offers Office 365-based email accounts for OHIO students, faculty, staff, and alumni.
  • Calendar - Online calendaring tool for scheduling meetings with colleagues, students, and other OHIO account holders.
  • Bookings - Online and mobile Office 365 tool that helps you keep track of your appointments, your staff, and your customers.
  • Mailing Lists - Opt-in/out, listserv-style discussion or announcement lists for small or large groups.
  • Mass Mailings - Bulk email sent to all faculty/staff/students or to specific subsets of the University community. This service also can be used to obtain an electronic file that contains employee directory information.
  • Shared Mailboxes and Calendars - Custom Office 365 email address that lets one or more individuals send and receive mail using that address rather than their personal address. Can also be used for calendar appointments.

General Collaboration

  • Microsoft Groups - Shared workspaces for email, conversations, files, and events where group members can communicate and collaborate. For example, you can request a group for your team and then invite other Office 365 users to join the group to share documents, conversations, meeting notes, and OneNote information related to your specific group.
  • Office 365 - Office 365 is a Microsoft subscription service that includes access to Office applications, online productivity services, and business services such as web conferencing, hosted email, and online storage. It also includes mobile versions of Office applications for smartphones and tablets.
  • OneNote - OneNote is a digital notebook for capturing and organizing information and data across all of your devices. Jot down your ideas, keep track of classroom and meeting notes, clip from the web, or make a to-do list, as well as draw and sketch your ideas.

File Storage and Sharing

  • OneDrive - File storage and sharing with collaborative editing capabilities using Microsoft Office Online.
  • FileLocker - Web-based application for temporary, secure file storage and sharing.
  • Home and Shared Network Folders - Secure, high speed, on-campus file storage that can be mapped to a Windows network drive, mounted on a Mac via Command-K, or accessed from off campus via VPN. Default quotas for individuals on home.ohio.edu are 10 GB. Departmental quotas on shared.ohio.edu are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Chat and Remote Meetings

  • Microsoft Teams - A powerful team-based collaboration tool that provides group chat, channeled conversations, instant messaging, live document collaboration, audio or video calls, and meetings (from one-on-ones to fully-featured audio/video conferences). Teams works in conjunction with other Microsoft applications such as OneDrive, OneNote, and Office 365 via Microsoft Groups. Persistent histories make it easy to review past conversations and shared documents.
  • Skype for BusinessMicrosoft has announced that they will be replacing Skype for Business with Teams on July 31, 2021. We strongly recommend switching to Teams for your chat, remote meeting, and online collaboration needs. Please review Microsoft's FAQ on how to upgrade from Skype for Business to Teams.

Websites and Video


Service Level Agreement: Websites

  • Web CMS - The Web CMS provides an easy-to-use interface that allows users to author, administer, and manage web pages without requiring the user to have extensive knowledge of web markup and programming languages.
  • CommonSpot CMS - The Web CMS provides an easy-to-use interface that allows users to author, administer, and manage web pages without requiring the user to have extensive knowledge of web markup and programming languages. Note: A project currently is under way to replace CommonSpot with a new Web CMS and new development in CommonSpot is no longer available.
  • Web Analytics - Web Analytics provides detailed measurements of web page traffic and visitor behavior. All university web pages created in the Web CMS and CommonSpot come with Web Analytics tracking code built into their templates.
  • Custom Web Addresses - A short, user-friendly ohio.edu name for a server, online service or web page to help users provide easy access to content or redirect users from an old web address to a new one. This includes Vanity URLs and Redirects.
  • SSL Certificates - One or two year renewable Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates for the purposes of encrypting traffic to and from servers on the ohio.edu domain. Certificates can be issued for both production and test environments.
  • Personal Websites - Allows faculty and staff to create a personal website with an ohio.edu domain for the purposes of sharing professional work, research, course materials, publications or related materials pertaining to the activities of Ohio University.
  • Static Websites - Allows faculty and staff to create basic websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript pertaining to the activities of Ohio University.
  • My OHIO Portal - Customizable webpage for users to organize frequently accessed links and content.


Service Level Agreement: Video

  • Prerecorded Video - OIT offers two platforms that allow users to upload prerecorded video content for others to stream: YouTube for publicly available videos and Microsoft Stream for videos restricted to users with a valid OHIO login.
  • Live Streaming Video - OIT offers two platforms which allow users to broadcast live University events in real-time over the internet from a laptop, desktop computer, or webcam: YouTube for publicly available videos and Microsoft Stream for videos restricted to users with a valid OHIO login.
  • Video Conferencing - Web-based video conferencing for rich interaction with multiple participants, and gives easy access to participants with student or guest accounts. Content creation can be done by those with host accounts.

Internet and Phones


Service Level Agreement: Internet

We currently are conducting a multi-year network upgrade.

  • Wi-Fi - Up to 300 Mbps WiFi with encryption, OHIO login, and eduroam compatibility. A 25 Mbps open access, unencrypted, guest network also is available for individuals who do not have a valid login.
  • Wired Internet - Wired network connections for older devices that do not support Wi-Fi.
  • VPN - Fast, secure off-campus access to online resources such as remote desktop, remote printing, or shared network storage that normally would require you to be connected to the on-campus network.


Service Level Agreement: Telephone

  • Telephone - Ohio University provides land line telephone service in faculty and staff offices, conference rooms and other public areas on all campuses.
  • Fax - Send and receive faxes via email or over the web.

Computer and Device Support

Device Support

  • Computer Support - Installation, configuration, management, and maintenance of University-owned departmental computers.
  • Managed Macs - Remote management of Mac OS and licensed software applications, including regular updates and security patching for university-owned Mac computers.
  • Managed Windows PCs - Remote management of Windows and licensed software applications, including regular updates and security patching for university-owned PCs.
  • Virtual Desktops - Remote access to a full Windows desktop environment from any PC, Mac, iOS or Android device. When connected screen images are sent to the user's device, and the user's keystrokes and mouse movements are sent to the virtual PC.
  • Digital Signage - Windows 10-based digital content distribution platform for playback to display devices.


  • Software - Licensing and distribution of software titles to the University.


  • Managed Printing for Departments - Centrally managed printing, copying, scanning, and faxing for academic and administrative departments.
  • Student Printing - Centrally managed, Bobcat Cash-based printing for students. 
  • Guest Printing - OHIO employees, guests, and members of the general public can print to the student printing stations located in Alden Library and other public locations by purchasing a guest printing card.

Information Security

  • Report an Information Security Incident - An information security incident is anything that indicates a threat to computer systems or university data. You can report a potential information security incident by email to security@ohio.edu or by phone to 740-566-7233. If the incident involves life or safety, call 911 immediately. When reporting by email, provide relevant details and be aware that the Information Security Office will contact you with next steps.
  • Information Security Consulting - The Information Security Office provides consultation to the university for outlining the minimum care necessary for sensitive data. These include standards, procedures, and guidelines, and the tools available for maintaining a secure environment.
  • Security Awareness Training - Basic information security training on topics including data protection best practices, social engineering, phishing, privacy, and introductions to data regulations such as FERPA, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS.
  • Data Recovery & Forensics - The Information Security Office provides data recovery and forensic services by request of specific departments that have investigative authority.
  • Risk Assessments - The Information Security Office offers departments a range of information security assessments based on established frameworks and best practices to help departments identify and prioritize risks to university information.
  • Accessibility - New technology evaluation, training, and auditing to ensure technology used by the University is easily accessible by individuals with disabilities.

Administrative Systems

  • Document Imaging and Workflow - Extensible, customizable electronic document management and workflow system for capturing paper and electronic documents. Departments utilizing OnBase document imaging see gains in operating efficiencies, materials reductions, and business continuity, as well as enhanced disaster recovery capabilities.
  • OBI Reporting - Web-based enterprise reporting system that uses Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition.

Student Administration

Courses and Curriculum

  • Course Offerings - Web-based search tool for finding available courses. Integrated with PeopleSoft SIS.
  • Textbook - Web-based tool to allow instructors or their delegates to manage required textbook information. Integrates with PeopleSoft SIS and Course Offerings.

Degree Requirements and Planning

  • Faculty and Advising Center - Web-based tool to allow instructors and advisors to manage their student and advisee data, including class listings, grades, and advising status.
  • DARS - Web-based tool to allow students and advisors to view a student's progress toward the completion of a degree. Can also be used as a planning tool for students looking to declare or to change majors. 

Financial Administration

  • Finance Administration - Hosting and administration of Oracle e-Business Suite in support of Finance.
  • eProcurement - Administration of BobcatBUY, a web-based tool for purchasing through approved University vendors.
  • Travel and Expense Reports - Administration of Concur, a web-based tool for filing and managing travel and expense reports.

Human Resources Administration

Custom Solutions

Service Level Agreement: IT Custom Solutions

  • Request a Project - If you have an IT need that is not met by an existing service, we can work with you to identify possible solutions and provide detailed price quotes on implementing those solutions.