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Chairs and Directors Council

The mission of the Chairs & Directors (C&D) Council is to build a community of academic chairs and directors at Ohio University for the purpose of information sharing and professional development. The C&D Council strives to provide opportunities for members to develop fundamental knowledge and skills related to the role of a department chair or school director, to learn about universities strategies/initiatives related to academics and faculty, and to network with other chairs and directors to share best practices. 

Membership & Leadership 

Membership in the C&D Council is extended to the following faculty:  

  • Faculty who serve in the role of department chair or school director (with the rights and responsibilities outlined in the Ohio University Faculty Handbook); 
  • Faculty who serve in the role of academic center director (or equivalent) who are responsible for leading, managing, and assessing a credential bearing academic program (i.e., degree, major, minor, or certificate); 
  • Faculty who have been designated by a Dean (or equivalent) as serving in a role with equivalent academic and administrative responsibilities as a department chair or school director. 

The Executive Committee of the C&D Council serves as the officers and leadership of the C&D Council. The Executive Committee members are elected by the members of the C&D Council 


The C&D Council meets regularly during each academic year. Typically, the C&D Council will announcement a schedule of monthly meetings (September – May) at the beginning of each academic year (August). The C&D Council also offer additional opportunities for members to attend meetings or other events relevant to the mission of the C&D Council including training, learning sessions, and workshops. 

For more information, please contact Katie Hartman (, Vice Provost for Faculty Development. 

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