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Clinical Faculty

Clinical faculty ranks:

  • Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Associate Clinical Professor
  • Clinical Professor

Promotion salary increases for Clinical Faculty:

  • Promotion to Associate Clinical Professor: $4,334 (starting in July 2024)
  • Promotion to Clinical Professor: $6,334 (starting in July 2024)
  • (pro-rated based on part-time / full-time appointment status)

Timeline for Clinical Faculty Promotion

  • On or before the last day of fall semester exams
    • Chair/Director notifies faculty member in writing of departmental decisions regarding promotion.
  • On or before the first day of spring semester
    • Chair/Director forwards dossiers for faculty receiving positive recommendations for promotion, along with the own written letter of support, to the college.
  • On or before March 1
    • Dean notifies chair/director/others and candidate in writing of rejection of departmental recommendations for promotion.
    • College dean sends select portions of dossiers, for faculty receiving positive recommendations for promotion, along with his/her own written letters of support, to the Vice  Provost for Faculty and Development Katie Hartman ( Note: each college should submit all dossiers at the same time.
  • March 1 - March 31
    • Dossiers under review by the executive vice president and provost and the president.
  • April 1
    • Executive vice president and provost notifies dean, chair, and candidate in writing of rejection of department recommendation for promotion.
  • First week of April
    • EVPP office sends notifications to candidates of president's and executive vice president and provost's approval of departmental recommendations for promotion.

Throughout the promotion review process, the Clinical Faculty Promotion Review Form [PDF] must accompany the dossier.
(Updated July 3, 2023)

Only certain materials from the promotion packet are submitted to the executive vice president and provost and the president for their review. For a list of these materials, scroll down toward the bottom of the page.

Information regarding clinical faculty definition, hiring, and promotion may be found in the Ohio University Faculty Handbook. An excerpt from the handbook regarding promotion for clinical faculty is copied below.

Clinical Faculty Promotion

Documents Submission Guidelines

Only the documents listed below should be submitted to the executive vice president & provost (EVPP) and the president for review. These documents should be removed from the promotion packet and assembled in the order indicated. Documents must be removed from binders, plastic sheet protectors, or other extemporaneous materials and then scanned (double-sided) into a PDF before they are reviewed by the EVPP and the president.

Submit documents electronically (via email or a shared OneDrive file folder) for all persons being considered for promotion, from each college at the time to Katie Hartman (

Materials are due on or before March 1.

Section One - Introductory Documents

  1. Review form for promotion (signature sheet)
  2. Letter from college dean regarding merit of the promotion proposal
  3. College promotion committee letter (if applicable)
  4. Chair/Director letter
  5. Department/School promotion committee letter
  6. Chair/Director's annual evaluation letters and any promotion progress letters
  7. Copy of the faculty member's clinical faculty offer/appointment letter (most recent if it was ever modified)

Section Two - Promotion Summary Documents

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Academic Preparation
  3. Professional Experience
  4. Instruction and Advising
    1. Teaching Load - Courses taught over the past 3-5 years. Any changes in teaching assignments
    2. Teaching Effectiveness - Evidence of course organization, presentation and requirements. Student evaluation information. Teaching awards and recognition. Selection for teaching in special programs. Participation as a student in teaching enhancement programs. Other evidence of teaching effectiveness (Example: supporting letters from faculty peers.)
    3. Interdisciplinary Teaching
    4. Advising and Supervision
  5. Research and Scholarly Accomplishments
    1. Articles in Professional Journals
    2. Other Publications and Presentations
    3. Books or Portions of Books
    4. Sponsored Research and Grants
    5. Proposals
    6. Other
  6. Clinical Practice - Evidence of clinical practice considered for promotion may include, but is not limited to:
    1. Evidence of expanded clinical services and/or new service lines created in practice area
    2. Evidence of clinical quality outcomes; indicators selected and reported by the applicant
    3. Evidence of annual patient satisfaction data/ratings that illustrate trends over time (e.g. 3-5 years)
    4. Demonstrated timeliness/adequacy of completion of medical records and other documentation
    5. Attainment of board certification or recertification
    6. Implemented patient safety and continuous quality improvement measures
    7. Development of clinical and community program(s) increasing access to community service
    8. Demonstrated ability work in and/or lead interprofessional teams of health care providers
    9. Developed patient education materials from clinical expertise and the evidence-based practices
    10. Leadership position within the practice, such as medical director, or clinical practices consultant; sustained track record of exemplary clinical leadership
    11. Peers external to the college/department have judged the activity as exemplary and leading to the improvement of practice
    12. Letter from employer substantiating candidate is in good standing in the practice
  7. Committees, Professional Associations and Service
    1. Division, Department or School, College, University committee service
    2. State and national professional service
      1. Member of professional association committees, taskforce, workgroup, etc.
      2. Elected office, board of directors, etc.
      3. Contributor to improvement of clinical practice standards
      4. Consultant to clinical practice or clinical product development
      5. Editorial consultant/reviewer
      6. Member of accreditation organization
  8. Interdisciplinary Contributions
  9. Other Factors 

Section Three - Curriculum Vitae and Promotion Guidelines

  1. Attach a current, comprehensive, curriculum vitae
  2. Department/School/Campus promotion guidelines
  3. College promotion guidelines