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Program Reviews

Academic program reviews, which include the preparation of program self-studies and the completion of site visits by review committees, are qualitative and quantitative assessments that play vital roles in Ohio University's mission in delivering excellent undergraduate and graduate instruction and furthering the institution's research and service profiles. Initiated and conducted by the Program Review Committee of the University Curriculum Council (a committee of the Faculty Senate), program reviews are important sources of information for faculty, administrators, trustees and other stakeholders regarding the size and reach of academic programs, programmatic strengths and weaknesses, the status of faculty and staff resources, student profiles, curricular outcomes, and equipment and space needs. These are important considerations in light of budgeting and are areas of significant interest to the Higher Learning Commission, the university's accrediting body. All academic programs on the Athens and regional campuses are reviewed periodically (every seven years, normally) to help identify program, college, and university priorities, goals, and accomplishments, and help measure the progress of ongoing initiatives.

This website serves as a hub of information for programs under review, site-visit committees, and others involved in the review process. It brings together information from various campus sources, providing critical documents with review requirements, general guidance, answers to frequently asked questions, and contact information to facilitate the program-review process for everyone involved.

Guiding Principles

  • Program review is part of an overall assessment plan that provides a portrait of program strengths and limitations and should result in program improvement.
  • The process should be broadly participatory.
  • The process should facilitate assessment planning, curricular development, faculty workload and scholarship responsibilities, and resource allocation.
  • The program-review process allows the university to account for its use of resources, develop support among its various constituencies, and provide collegial and objective reviews to ensure academic-program quality.

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Contacts for Program Review Process

Lijing Yang
Chair, UCC Program Review Committee

Sarah Poggione
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education