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Glidden Visiting Professorship

Robert Glidden
Rene Glidden

The Robert and Rene' Glidden Visiting Professorship program supports short-term academic appointments for distinguished visitors to Ohio University. The purpose of the Professorship is to expose Ohio University students and faculty to outstanding individuals and make such individuals aware of the strengths and resources of Ohio University. Glidden Professors are expected to be distinguished individuals who have attained wide recognition based upon their artistic, engineering, historical, literary, or scientific achievement.

The Professorship, under various titles, has existed since its establishment in 1988 through a $30,000 award from UPAC. Glidden Professorships in the hosting department are awarded by the Executive Vice President and Provost, acting on the recommendations of a selection committee.

The committee consists of six members: three from the College of Arts and Sciences and three rotated from among the other colleges. Members serve one three-year term and are selected by the Executive Vice President and Provost (EVPP) from a list supplied by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee. This formulation results in the appointment each year of one faculty member from the College of Arts and Sciences and one faculty member from another college. Committee responsibilities include: soliciting nominations from deans, chairs, and directors; evaluating nominations; and forwarding recommendations to the EVPP who makes the final determination regarding awards. The EVPP Office provides administrative support to the committee and processes funds disbursement.

Call for Proposals

Announcements informing deans, chairs, and directors of the deadline for submissions are sent each October. Approximately $29,000 is available each year to fund, fully or in part, one or more proposals. The length of a visiting professor appointment is variable, but an appointment for at least one term of the academic year is preferred. Shorter appointments are possible, but funding will not be granted for visits of less than two weeks.

Proposals will be evaluated based on the degree to which they meet the goals of the Professorship. Preference will be given to first-time proposals and to proposals with partial financial support provided by the department or unit. Only in exceptional circumstances will professorships be funded for repeat visits by the same person. If a professorship is granted but the visiting professor is not able to fulfill his/her obligations, the professorship is not transferable.

Glidden Visiting Professorship for the 2024-2025 academic year (August 2024 – April 2025) are due Monday, March 18, 2024, 11:59pm. 

Send applications to Katie Hartman ( 

Notifications regarding the committee’s decision will be sent out by approximately April 26, 2024, depending on the number of applications the committee has to review and available funding.

Applications Must Include:

  • Cover page
  • Nomination statement
    This section may be up to three pages in length, and should include:
    • Background information on the nominee explaining how this individual fits the profile of a Glidden Professor in terms of scholarly, professional, and/or artistic accomplishment.
    • A description of benefits resulting from introducing the nominee to Ohio University, and allowing members of the University community to interact with the nominee.
    • The dates of the visit.
    • The planned activities including time in courses, seminars, class visits, conferences, workshops, or other activities on campus. The visit should include at least one lecture targeted to a wide university audience (include a preliminary lecture title). Note: A proposal is more likely to be approved for funding if this section is relatively specific, in terms of identifying classes and seminars where presentations will occur, and indicating the topics of lectures or talks.
  • Appendices (required)
    1. A complete, up-to-date curriculum vitae for the proposed visiting professor.
    2. A letter from the proposed visiting professor certifying his/her availability for the period indicated.
    3. Supporting letters from other departments or programs involved in hosting the candidate (if applicable).
    4. A budget detailing how funds will be spent, including funds provided by the unit. Allowed costs in the budget are salary, required STRS contributions, Workers Compensation, Medicare, travel costs, and living expense (room and board). Group health insurance is not typically an allowed budgeted expense, however, funds for health insurance may be budgeted if the nominee will be in residence at Ohio University for at least two terms. Units should consult with the EVPP office if they plan to budget funds for health insurance.

Note: Since invitations to individuals sought for Professorship may require advance notice in some cases, awards may be requested a year in advance for funding during the next fiscal year. If this is the case, state it very clearly on the application cover sheet and within the application.