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Faculty Annual Evaluations

The Ohio University Faculty Handbook requires annual evaluations of faculty.

Per the Faculty Handbook (Section II.E.1), departmental chairs or school directors are expected to evaluate all members of their faculty annually. The director or chair will employ a departmental committee or committees in the evaluation process, which are expected to conform to the department’s written procedures and demonstrate peer review as a part of the annual evaluation process.

The evaluation criteria and process will conform to the department/school’s established written procedures, evaluation process, or criteria. In the event of change(s) to the department/school’s established written procedures, evaluation process, or criteria, change(s) will take effect at the beginning of the next evaluation period.

Probationary and Tenured Faculty Eligible for Promotions

Department chairs or school directors are also expected to ensure that a departmental promotion and/or tenure committee evaluates all probationary faculty and all tenured faculty eligible for promotion using the departmental criteria for promotion and tenure. Probationary faculty should be informed in writing of the department's evaluation of the individual's performance and progress toward tenure by February 1. Tenured faculty eligible for promotion shall receive a similar letter if they request it before September 15.

Instructional and Clinical Faculty

Instructional and clinical faculty should be evaluated annually by the chair or director according to department or school guidelines and in accordance with Section II.E.1 of the Faculty Handbook. A comprehensive review should be performed in the last year of a multi-year contract or upon application for promotion. A written evaluation of the faculty members will be forwarded to them by February 15 on an annual basis by their director or chair.