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Academic Programs

Academic Programs

Ohio University offers a breadth of academic offerings, as well as robust support opportunities for our faculty and staff to develop and sustain a strong, immersive academic experience for our students. From streamlined program launch processes to extensive program review, we are creating rewarding programming that prepares our students for life beyond the classroom.

New Programs

Resources for faculty members interested in developing new academic programs at any level of instruction

  • Program Innovation Accelerator

    Launches academic programs and non-standard program models using a streamlined approach, with targeted funding and appropriate administrative support.

  • Program Investment Request

    Propose new majors, new degree programs, new modalities and more flexible pathways to a degree. 

  • UCC Programs Committee

    The Programs Committee reviews new programs and changes to established programs. The committee also handles the deletion or relocation of existing academic programs, degrees, master curriculum file prefixes and major codes.

  • Office of Instructional Design

    The Office of Instructional Design works with faculty and instructional staff to encourage students to take an active role in their education.

Program Review

Academic program reviews are qualitative and quantitative assessments that play vital roles in Ohio University's mission in delivering excellent undergraduate and graduate instruction and furthering the institution's research and service profiles.

Program Inventory

Ohio University offers over 250 undergraduate majors, and an additional 250+ graduate programs. Browse the breadth of OHIO’s academic offerings: