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Getting full text journal articles online

There are several pathways to obtain full text journal articles online. Those listed here are highly suggested for use by Heritage College:


  • While is a free website, it is highly recommended that you use the above link or link through the LRC webpage. By doing so, you will be able to use the icons in the upper right hand corner (either a publishers icon or a “Find It (with LinkSource)” icon.
    • You will then be directed to a linkout page. If the article is available, there will be a link to take you to the pdf. If there is no full text available, you will have the option to request it through Interlibrary Loan (see below).


  • More than 500 journals fully indexed in Medline
    • When searching in “Medline” only, you will need to click on the PMID link located on the abstract page. This will take you to the abstract indexed in PubMed. There you will find the icons in the upper right hand corner as mentioned above.
    • When searching “Journals”, the pdf is attached to the citation.


Interlibrary Loan / Document Express

    • This is to be used when the article you are looking for is not available through Alden or the EJC.
    • You will need to log on with your OHIO ID/password.
      • The first time you use this service, you will be asked a few general questions including an email address.
    • This is a free service to you. You can request articles, excerpts from books, from both local print holdings and items outside the University’s library system.
    • You will receive an email notification once the request has been completed. You will then need to log into your ILL account to access. All requests are delivered via pdf.
    • This process can take up to 2 weeks, but usually you’ll have your item in 2-5 days.