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Committee on Student Progress

CSP Role and Responsibilities

The Committee on Student Progress (CSP) is responsible for monitoring the evaluation of student academic and professional progress and making appropriate recommendations to the Dean. The committee, comprised of faculty and senior administrative staff members, acknowledges outstanding academic performance and advises the Dean concerning student remediation or repetition of unsatisfactory course work, probation, retention, dismissal, professional behavior and such other matters as may be appropriate.

At the end of each semester, the CSP reviews the academic progress of each student on academic probation. It also reviews the records of those who received grades of F, I, or PR during the previous quarter and considers proposed programs of remediation. In addition, the CSP is responsible for considering and recommending to the Dean appropriate action in some cases involving academic or professional misconduct.

The guidelines for academic and professional standards including the definition of grades, program alterations, waivers from a course, withdrawal, removal of deficiencies, academic progress and timeliness and alternative schedules and curricula are in upcoming sections.

CSP Policies and Procedures

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