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Determination of Class Membership

A student’s class membership will at all times be based upon the expected year of graduation. If a student goes on leave or is required to repeat a year, the student's name will automatically be deleted from the original class. In cases where that student enrolls again, he or she will be placed with the appropriate new class and the expected year of graduation adjusted accordingly. Class assignments for students accepting the Heritage College's Osteopathic Primary Care Associate (OPCA) program will be adjusted to the time they begin participating in the OPCA program. Normally, this would be at the beginning of the fourth year. In all cases, this means that each student is assigned to one and only one class at a given time.

This information will be disseminated in a timely manner to all relevant administrative offices, including the Office of Student Affairs and the Office of Communication. Official class membership, as determined by the process described herein, will be used in all relevant college publications.

For more information, please contact Marie Barone.