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Out-of-State Admissions Contract

Out-of-State Admissions Contract

The Ohio General Assembly requires the Heritage College to emphasize the training of family physicians for underserved areas within the state of Ohio. Therefore, non-residents are required to sign a service contract. The contract requires students to practice medicine for five years in Ohio upon completion of their formal training.

The signee agrees that their residency status will be determined according to the residency rules that are applicable at the time the individual signs the contract with Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine. Furthermore, the signee understands that any changes in their residency status to that of an Ohio resident will not affect the binding nature of the contract.

Individuals who complete their entire postgraduate medical education at an AOA-approved CORE residency program in an Ohio hospital may apply for credit toward the five-year requirement period. For more information, refer to the Granting Credit for Ohio Osteopathic Hospital Residency Programs Participation Toward the Five-Year Practice of Medicine Obligation in the Out-of-State Guidelines.

If you are still working to complete your application for admission, please direct questions to Admissions.