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Gold Humanism Honor Society - Athens, Cleveland, Dublin

Our Mission

The Gold Foundation infuses the human connection into health care. We engage schools, health systems, companies and individual clinicians in the joy and meaning of humanistic health care, so that they have the strength and knowledge to ensure patients and families are partners in collaborative, compassionate and scientifically excellent care.

Founded in 2002, through the generous support of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The Berrie Foundation and an anonymous donor, GHHS now has more than 160 chapters in medical schools and residency programs. More than 35,000 medical students, physicians and other leaders have been inducted and serve as role models of the human connection in health care.

Officers 2022-2023


Madison Rose-Malkamaki

Vice President 

Carli Sebest

Secretary & Treasurer 

Tim Reiman

Wellness Chair

Ayah Shehata                                         

Service Chair Abigail Wilmer



Robin Newburn, DO

Tabitha Jones-McKnight, DO, MPH

No Dues

Services Provided

The Heritage College chapter of the Gold Humanism Honor Society coordinates events and other initiatives across the three campuses in Athens, Dublin and Cleveland along with clinical rotation sites around the state of Ohio.

Tentative Schedule for 2022-2023 


Fall Events

  • TBD


Spring Events

  • TBD