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Association of Women Surgeons

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Our Mission

The Association of Women Surgeons is dedicated to the mission of inspiring and supporting women in all stages of medical training and to inspire, encourage and enable female surgeons to achieve their personal and professional goals. To that end, the establishment of student chapters at medical schools both within the United States and abroad will facilitate the success of aspiring women surgeons by:

  •    highlighting women surgeons at local institutions and within the community,
  •    providing networking and mentorship opportunities with surgeons and surgical residents, and
  •    providing a forum for open discussion and collaboration on strategies related to professional development and the challenges women surgeons face.

Ultimately, this unique focus will provide opportunities in which personal and professional interests, concerns and common experiences can effectively be addressed.


Officers, 2021-2022


 Jessica Pickard                      

Vice President            

Shenika Zarebski


Margaret Conroy 


Deepa Halaharv

Dues: $20 annually

Services Provided       

This organization intends to provide a safe space for aspiring female surgeons to discuss their concerns and hopes for their futures in medicine, as well as provide a source of professional contacts and mentorship. We believe it is of great importance for young women in medicine to have guidance from great women that came before us. We plan to connect members with mentors through hosting speakers. We intend to provide members with volunteer opportunities, such as becoming involved with "The Letter Project" and events such as "Take Back the Night."           

Tentative Schedule for 2021-2022

  • Suture labs (may combine with SSM or EM club) -- financed through club dues
  • Female surgeon speakers from various specialties (as many as possible; may combine with SOSA) -- should not cost
  • Journal club once monthly -- should not cost
  • Inspirational life coach speaker (this is a contact Shenika has) -- should not cost
  • Blood drive (hopefully with the American Red Cross; great volunteer opportunity) -- should not cost; may purchase snacks for volunteers
  • The Letter Project writing party (get together to write letters and earn TOUCH hours) -- pay for snacks with dues