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Medical Student Physician Action Network - Athens and Dublin

Student Organization Athens and Dublin

Mission Statement

The Medical Student Physician Action Network is a Heritage College student organization that will take progressive stances on political issues and enrich medical students' education through training in public advocacy and testimony. The Heritage College chapter distinguishes itself through its focus on taking action at the level of local and state legislatures in Ohio.

  • Women's and reproductive rights
  • Safety and equality for members of the LGBTQ community
  • The right of immigrants and religious minorities to live free of persecution and the threat of deportation   
  • The Black Lives Matter movement and the elimination of racial inequality
  • Action at all levels of government and society to address global warming
  • Access to health care for all who need it
  • Respect for human rights domestically and abroad

Officers, 2021-2022


Alyssa Lambrecht


Albert Vargas

Co-Vice President

Sahana Rao

Co-Vice President                 

Alexandra Fountaine          


Emily Clark 

Co-Workshop Committee Chair

Spencer Aidt

Co-Workshop Committee Chair

Hannah Palme

Testimony Chair

Lindsey King

Collaboration Chair

Alexandra Mowery


Dan Skinner, Ph.D.

No Dues


MS-PAN advocates for patients through rallies, testimony and education. This group provides a voice to patients and community members. 

Tentative Schedule 2021-2022

Workshops may include how to provide testimony at the statehouse, social media training and how to be a physician Advocate. Other opportunities include testifying at the statehouse, general body meetings and educational events.