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OU Heritage College Clinical Education Network

Adena PACCAR Medical Education Ctr. IVDL Classroom- AC
Adena PACCAR Medical Education Ctr. Kenworth Aud. - AK
Fairfield Medical Center (Lancaster) GME Conf. Rm. - FA
CCF-Cleveland Clinic-South Pointe Classen Auditorium - SPA
CCF-Cleveland Clinic (access to 19 codecs at 9 other locations)
Fairfield Medical Center (Lancaster) Med Ed Classroom - FLC
Firelands Regional Medical Center (Sandusky) Main Campus - FC
Firelands Regional Medical Center (Sandusky) South Campus - FS
Holzer Health System (Gallipolis) Med Ed Classroom - HMEC
Holzer Health System (access to 18 codecs at 11 locations) - varies
KHN Grandview Hospital & Medical Center (Dayton) Rieck1 - GH1
KHN Grandview Hospital & Medical Center (Dayton) Rieck3 - GH3
KHN Grandview Hospital & Medical Center (Dayton) Rieck Aud - GHA
KHN Grandview Hospital & Medical Center (OR Mobile) - GM
KHN Grandview Hospital & Medical Center (AP Office) - GM2
KHN Grandview Hospital & Medical Center (Ortho Study) - GOS
KHN Southview Women’s Center Classroom (Dayton) - KS
KHN Cassano Health Center (Dayton) - KC1
KHN Cassano Health Center (Dayton) - KC2
KHN Ortho North (Dayton) - ON
KHN Yankee Ortho (Dayton) - YO
KHN Network (access to 7 codecs at 6 other locations) - varies
OH-Heritage/Doctors Hospital (Columbus) Amerine - DHA
OH-Heritage/Doctors Hospital (Columbus) Admin. Conf. Rm - DHC
OH-Heritage/Doctors Hospital (Columbus) Founders - DHW
OH-Grant Hospital (Columbus) MedEd Large Conf. Rm - GR1
OH-Grant Hospital (Columbus) MedEd Small Conf. Rm - GR2
O’Bleness Memorial Hospital Board Rm (Athens) - OBBR
O’Bleness Memorial Hospital MedEd (Athens) - OBME
O’Bleness Memorial Hospital Verizon Rm (Athens) - OBVF
OH-OhioHealth Board Room (Columbus) - OH
OH-Riverside Mem. Hospital Auditorium (Columbus) - RSA
OH-Riverside Mem. Hospital Chester Board Rm (Columbus) - RSB
OH-Riverside Mem. Hospital Court Hearing (Columbus) - RSC

OU-CHSP (Athens) Grover Mobile/IAT - IAT
OU-CHSP (Athens) Grover E215 - E215
OU-CHSP (Athens) Grover W131 - W131
OU-CHSP (Dublin) DIEC 215 - D215
OU-CHSP (Dublin) DIEC 245 - D245
OU-CHSP (Dublin) DIEC 251 - D251
OU-CHSP (Dublin) DIEC 258 - D258
OU-CHSP (Dublin) DIEC Auditorium (132) - DAUD

OU-HCOM (Athens) Grosvenor Hall 017 Conf. Rm - G017
OU-HCOM (Athens) Grosvenor Hall 113 Classroom - G113
OU-HCOM (Athens) Grosvenor Hall 118 OMM Lab - G118
OU-HCOM (Athens) Grosvenor Hall 128 Lab/Classroom - G128
OU-HCOM (Athens) Grosvenor Hall 136 Studio - G136
OU-HCOM (Athens) Remote VC Unit (G136 Studio) - MBL
OU-HCOM (Athens) Grosvenor Hall 201 Exec. Dean Office - G201
OU-HCOM (Athens) Grosvenor Hall 209 Exec. Conf. Rm - G209
OU-HCOM (Athens) Grosvenor Hall 303 Conf. Rm - G303
OU-HCOM (Athens) Grosvenor Hall 407 CBL/Conf. Rm - G407
OU-HCOM (Athens) Grosvenor Hall 411 CBL/Conf. Rm - G411
OU-HCOM (Athens) Grosvenor West 005 Classroom - GW005
OU-HCOM (Athens) Grosvenor West 012 Classroom - GW012
OU-HCOM (Athens) Grosvenor West 111 Large Conf. Rm - GW111
OU-HCOM (Athens) Irvine 128F Classroom - II28F
OU-HCOM (Athens) Irvine Lecture Hall 194 - I194
OU-HCOM (Athens) Irvine Lecture Hall 199 - I199
OU-HCOM (Athens) Irvine 230 Research/CTRU Conf. Rm - I230

OU-HCOM (Dublin) MEB1/122 Small Conf. Rm - 1D122
OU-HCOM (Dublin) MEB1/242 Large Conf. Rm - 1D124
OU-HCOM (Dublin) MEB1/231 OMM Lab - 1D231
OU-HCOM (Dublin) MEB1/331 Large ALS - 1D331
OU-HCOM (Dublin) MEB1/353 Exec. Conf. Rm - 1D353
OU-HCOM (Dublin) MEB1/415 Classroom - 1D415
OU-HCOM (Dublin) MEB1/431 Small ALS - 1D431
OU-HCOM (Dublin) MEB1/432 Small Conf. Rm - 1D432
OU-HCOM (Dublin) MEB2/105 Classroom - 2D105
OU-HCOM (Dublin) MEB2/153 Classroom - 2D153
OU-HCOM (Dublin) MEB2/163 BMS Conf. Rm - 2D163
OU-HCOM (Dublin) MEB3/112 Anatomy Lab - 3D112

OU-HCOM (Cleveland) SPS/107 Small ALS - C107
OU-HCOM (Cleveland) SPS/110 Large ALS - C110
OU-HCOM (Cleveland) SPS/115 Conf. Rm - C115
OU-HCOM (Cleveland) SPS/120 Conf. Rm - C120
OU-HCOM (Cleveland) SPS/140 Exec. Conf. Rm - C140
OU-HCOM (Cleveland) SPS/146 Small Conf. Rm - C146
OU-HCOM (Cleveland) SPS/243 Classroom - C243
OU-HCOM (Cleveland) SPS/270 Anatomy Lab - C270
OU-HCOM (Cleveland) SPS/281 OMM Lab - C281
OU-HCOM (Cleveland) SPS/342 Conf. Rm - C342
OU-HCOM (Cleveland) SPS/385 Conf. Rm - C385
OU-HCOM (Cleveland) SPS/377 Multipurpose/Large Classroom - C377
OU-HCOM (Cleveland) SPS/426 Classroom - C426
OU-HCOM (Cleveland) SPS/435 Classroom - C435

St. Joseph Health Center Classroom (Warren) - SJC
Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center (Toledo) - SV
Southern Ohio Medical Center (Portsmouth) Mobile - SC
Southern Ohio Medical Center (Portsmouth) MedEd Classroom - SMEC
Western Reserve Hospital Classroom (Cuyahoga Falls) - CF

Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS)

Ohio Behavioral Telehealth Network - OBTN

Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare (Athens) - AAA
Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare (Athens) - AAB
Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare (Athens) - AAC
Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare (CSN/Cambridge/Liberty) - ACB
Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare (Athens) - AACEO
Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare (Athens) - AACOO
Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare (Athens) - AAIT
OhioMHAS Central Office (Columbus) 36th flr. Conf. Rm. - DMA
OhioMHAS Central Office (Columbus) 8th flr. Conf. Rm. - DMB
OhioMHAS Central Office (Columbus) Library Conf. Rm. - DMC
Heartland Behavioral Healthcare (Massillon) - HMA
Heartland Behavioral Healthcare (Massillon) - HMB
Heartland Behavioral Healthcare (Massillon) - HMC
Heartland Behavioral Healthcare (Massillon) - HMD
Heartland Behavioral Healthcare (Massillon) - HME
Montgomery Co ADAMHS Board - MDA
Northcoast Behavioral Healthcare (CSN/Cleveland/Green Rd) - NCA
Northcoast Behavioral Healthcare (Northfield) - NNA
Northcoast Behavioral Healthcare (Northfield) - NNB
Northcoast Behavioral Healthcare (Northfield) - NNC
Northcoast Behavioral Healthcare (Northfield) - NND
Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital (Toledo) - NTA
Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital (Toledo) - NTB
Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital (Toledo) - NTC
Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital (Toledo) - NTCEO
Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital (Toledo) - NTD
Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital (Toledo) - NTE
Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital (Toledo) - NTF
Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital (Toledo) - NTG
Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital (Toledo) - NTH
OhioMHAS Office of Support Services (OSS) - OCA
Summit Behavioral Healthcare (Cincinnati) - SCA
Summit Behavioral Healthcare (Cincinnati) - SCB
Summit Behavioral Healthcare (Cincinnati) - SCC
Summit Behavioral Healthcare (Cincinnati) - SCD
Summit Behavioral Healthcare (Cincinnati) RPD - SCE
Summit Behavioral Healthcare (Cincinnati) RPD - SCF
Summit Behavioral Healthcare (Cincinnati) RPD - SCG
Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare (Columbus) - TCA
Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare (Columbus) - TCB
Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare (Columbus) - TCC
Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare (Columbus) - TCD
Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare (Columbus) - TCE
Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare (Columbus) - TCF
Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare (Columbus) RPD - TCK2
Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare (Columbus) RPD - TCK3
Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare (Columbus) RPD - TCK4
Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare (Columbus) RPD - TCK6
Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare (Columbus) RPD - TCK7
Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare (Columbus) RPD - TCK8
Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare (Columbus) RPD - TCK9

Southern Ohio Telehealth Network (SOTN)

Hopewell Health Centers (Athens BH1) - HAB1
Hopewell Health Centers (Athens BH2) - HAB2
Hopewell Health Centers (Athens BH3) - HAB3
Hopewell Health Centers (Athens BH4) - HAB4
Hopewell Health Centers (Athens REACH BH) - HABR
Hopewell/ Athens Community/Recreation Center - HARC
Hopewell/Athens Respite Laptop - HARL
Hopewell Health Centers (Belpre BH1) - HBB1
Hopewell Health Centers (Belpre RPD) - HBB2
Hopewell/Belmont County Board of DD - HBCB
Hopewell/Belmont ESC - HBEL
Hopewell Health Centers (Kenny Dr.) - HBK1
Hopewell/REACH Barlow-Washington Co - HBWR
Hopewell Health Centers (Chillicothe PC1) - HCP1
Hopewell/Federal Hocking Little Lancer Room - HFHL
Hopewell/Gallia County Board of DD - HGDD
Hopewell Health Centers (Jackson BH1) - HJB1
Hopewell Health Centers (Logan BH1) - HLB1
Hopewell Health Centers (Logan BH2) - HLB2
Hopewell Health Centers (Logan BH3) - HLB3
Hopewell Health Centers (Logan Elm) - HLEM
Hopewell Health Centers (Logan PC1) - HLP1
Hopewell Health Centers (McArthur BH1) - HMB1
Hopewell Health Centers (McArthur BH2) - HMB2
Hopewell/Betsey Mills Club (Marietta) - HMBC
Hopewell Health Centers (McArthur PC2) - HMP2
Hopewell Health Centers (New Lexington PC1) - HNP1
Hopewell Health Centers (New Lexington PC2) - HNP2
Hopewell/ Perry County BHC - HNBHC
Hopewell/Pike County CAC - HPIKE
Hopewell Health Centers (Pomeroy PC1) - HPP1
Hopewell Health Centers (Pomeroy PC2) - HPP2
Hopewell/Pickaway-Ross Career/Tech Ctr - HPRCT
Hopewell Health Centers (The Plains PC1) - HTP1
Hopewell/South Central Ohio ESC - HSCO
Hopewell/Valley Local Schools - HVLS
Hopewell Health Centers (Coolville PC1) - HVP1
Hopewell/Athens WIC - HWIC
Hopewell Health (Woodland) Centers (Gallipolis) - WCG
Hopewell Health (Woodland) Centers (Gallipolis) - WCG2
Hopewell Health (Woodland) Centers (Jackson) - WCJ
Hopewell Health (Woodland) Centers (Jackson) - WCJ2
Hopewell Health (Woodland) Centers (Pomeroy) - WCP
Hopewell Health (Woodland) Centers (Pomeroy) - WCP2