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Completing a pathway indicates that a University employee has specialized knowledge required to complete certain tasks. Click on the topic for more information regarding requirements, guidelines, required trainings, etc.


Badges are electronic micro-credentials that are digital representations of educational achievements. Just like pins and medals earned for skills training, badges represent the completion of specific requirements. Badges are earned by completing eligible learning experiences in the Professional Development Pathways program. A collection of badges in one area of study can lead to a pathway.


A collection of badges being added to a verification to indicate pathway completion
A collection of learning experiences and skill verification can be rewarded with a pathway.

The Badging and Pathway Program will focus training efforts on particular skill sets that are valuable to employees and to campus. It is only one component of professional development and is not intended to provide the full realm of development experiences required by employees. Participation in this program is voluntary; however, the completion of pathways can be an asset when applying for University positions requiring specific OHIO qualifications.  More information on current updates to the badging process will be released soon.

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To find out more information about Professional Development Pathways, please contact Michael Greene.