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Human Resources Operations


This pathway indicates that a university employee has specialized knowledge to do the following:

  • Explain planning unit, supervisor, employee, and Human Resources (HR) roles in people-related processes
  • Ensure proper completion and processing of employee information used in HR related transactions
  • Demonstrate understanding of key concepts, policies, and best practices related to HR processes


  • Pursuit of a pathway is primarily for building knowledge and skills related to success in current position.
  • Employees not in a Human Resources-related role can still participate in the program.
  • Prior to enrolling in a pathway program, Employee and Supervisor should discuss pathway requirements, participation, and how learning experiences will be shared and/or applied.
  • A pathway does not mean that a person has all skills required for a position. Experience is also important.
  • Courses for this pathway do not have pre-requisites, but some courses may be available by invitation only.

Core Requirements – Participants must complete all SEVEN of the following courses:

Human Resources Overview

Provides an overview of key functions, activities and services within University Human Resources, including who to contact for support and where to go for more information.

Compensation Philosophy and Framework

Explains OHIO Compensation philosophy including how jobs are placed into pay grades, differences between Manager, IC, and TAS level jobs, and how to use Pay Administration Guidelines.

Benefit Offerings

Provides detailed information on Ohio University benefit plans, eligibility requirements, coverage levels, etc. This course is designed to assist hiring managers in recruiting and is also a great resource to help new and current employees become more familiar with their benefits options.

EEO and Lawful Hiring

Participants learn about Equal Employment Opportunity laws that guide OHIO's recruitment efforts and aid them in carrying out hiring practices that are fair and lawful.

New Hire Paperwork and I-9s

Outlines requirements for processing new hire information, including I-9 forms. Explains differences in handling information for each employee type (faculty, staff, and student employees) and outlines specific tasks and paperwork associated with processing this information in a correct and timely fashion.

Payroll and Timekeeping

Provides legal, procedural and practical guidance to ensure proper record-keeping and reporting related to employee pay. Provides instructions for timekeeping and absence reporting; also includes an overview of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) which specifies conditions for overtime pay.

Performance Management Option

To receive the HR Operations Pathway, participants must complete one of the following performance management courses in addition to other pathway requirements:

  • Performance Management for Non-Supervisors
    Provides an overview of the Performance Management Cycle including how to work collaboratively with supervisors in goal setting, utilizing and asking for feedback, and what to expect during the evaluation process. Participants will also learn about available tools and support.

  • Performance Management: Foundations and Goals
    Provides an overview of the performance management cycle at OHIO, outlines employee and supervisor responsibilities in the process, and explains how to collaborate with employees in the construction of written goals and objectives.

General Electives – Participants must complete SIX additional courses from the following list:

Search Committees 1, Planning for the Search

This training focuses on establishing inclusive search committees, writing inclusive job descriptions, and creating inclusive recruitment plans as well as understanding the potential impact of bias in early stages of the search process.

Search Committees 2, Evaluation & Selection

The course focuses on creating inclusive, consistent, and compliant candidate evaluation and selection processes and discusses the potential impact of bias during the search process. 

Diversity Advocate Workshop

This workshop helps participants to be more comfortable intervening in, leading, or supporting conversations surrounding diversity and inclusion throughout search processes

Interviewing: Doing it Right

Presents strategies for using sound judgment in the hiring and interviewing process and helps participants recognize and avoid discrimination in the recruitment process.

Hiring Processes, Plans and Postings

(Currently Unavailable)

Reviews hiring processes, compensation, and special requirements for various employment types including faculty, staff, and student employees. Reviews posting process and provides instruction on the basic functionality and use of the PeopleAdmin system.

Performance Management: Feedback & Coaching

Emphasizes communication in the performance management process and identifies how to drive open and honest performance conversations between employees and supervisors. Provides tools and resources to assist in providing effective feedback.

Performance Management: Recognition & Evaluation

Provides information to help supervisors identify and recognize effective performance, understand performance ratings and potential sources of bias, and to prepare and deliver effective written performance evaluations.

Onboarding & Orientation

(Currently Unavailable)

Reviews differences between orientation and onboarding and explains how to plan for both. Provides information on resources and tools to assist in effective orientation and onboarding for new employees.

Employee Self Service

(Currently Unavailable)

Provides instruction on using Oracle self-service features to schedule absences, change income tax withholding amounts, update personal information, enroll in benefits, and more.

Leaves of Absence

Provides an overview of various Leaves of Absence and the processes to request, obtain approval, and administer leaves in a compliant manner according to Ohio University Policies. Participants will understand types of leave and where to find related policies and resources for reference.

Individual Compensation Distribution (ICD)

Reviews specific types of ICD contracts and when to use them according to university policy. Provides clarity on payroll dates and explains the process for initiating and approving ICD contracts. Also provides information on reference materials and Payroll calendar dates.

This course is by Invitation Only

Preventing Bullying and Violence

This course offers strategies for preventing the escalation of conflict, identifies circumstances that can possibly trigger violence in the workplace, and provides guidance on what to do if you find yourself in potentially violent situations.

Employee and Labor Relations

(Currently Unavailable)

Provides an overview of Ohio University Employee and Labor Relations, focusing on the following topics: Employee Discipline, Grievance Procedures, Workplace Violence, Separation of Employment Policies and Procedures, and Labor Relations at Ohio University.