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Student Professional Etiquette

Etiquette Tips for Student Employees at Ohio University

Your student employment at Ohio University should be both enjoyable and a valuable learning experience. To be successful in your position you should follow these guidelines: 

  • Never arrive at work under the influence of drugs or alcohol or smelling of alcohol or drugs. 

  • Be dependable and punctual. If you are unable to come to work or will be late, call your supervisor before the start of your shift to let them know. 

  • Dress appropriately for work and follow any departmental guidelines. Normally, office casual is appropriate. Clothing should always be neat and clean. Here are some examples of not what to wear: clothing that exposes your midriff, open-sided muscle shirts or clothing with profanity or language that may be considered offensive. If you are unsure if something is appropriate, seek advice from your supervisor. 

  • Personal Hygiene is important. Employees are expected to practice daily hygiene and good grooming habits.   

  • Have a positive attitude towards others. Smile and be polite. Be sensitive to cultural diversity. Be courteous to your co-workers, managers and customers. 

  • Always speak and act in a professional manner. Do not speak in a raised voice or invade someone’s personal space. 

  • Get to know your co-workers. Seek advice or instruction from them and assist them as needed.

  • Understand your job description and work to meet or exceed the position requirements.  

  • Stay on task and be able to work independently when your supervisor is not available.

  • Be self-motivated and ask for additional work during slow periods. 

  • Let your manager know about any ideas you may have to improve your work. 

  • Follow the department’s policies about breaks and eating or drinking at your workstations.

  • Never eat or drink while attending to customers. 

  • Put away personal cell phones or other electronic devices away so that you are not distracted from your work duties. Do not use ear-buds or headphones unless approved by your supervisor. 

  • Refrain from doing schoolwork instead of work duties when on your shift unless approved.

  • Do not share confidential information with others including social media. 

  • Complete your time sheet accurately and on time to ensure you receive your paycheck on the scheduled pay date.