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An individual workspace with a whiteboard in the Ridges FlexSpace.
University FlexSpaces


Ohio University is embracing a model for the workplace that enables flexibility, adapts to evolving team and University needs, optimizes collaborative work while respecting the need for focused individual effort, and seamlessly integrates our virtual and physical environments.

University FlexSpaces are designated areas on campus that are made up of private, semi-private, and open workstations for University employees to utilize. Some workstations are reservable, while others are designated for drop-in use.

Employees should think of University FlexSpaces as their own space, and ease of access is central to ensuring space can serve Ohio University’s workforce. Workstations and collaboration spaces are available to schedule up to three months in advance, and staff may book recurring sessions in a specific space through the University’s scheduling tool, EMS.

Reserve FlexSpace via EMS

  • Ridges FlexSpace Transition

    Beginning July 15, Ohio University employees can work and collaborate at a new FlexSpace location at The Ridges on the second floor of Building 19. 

    University FlexSpace currently located at The Ridges Buildings 13, 14 and 18 is anticipated to go offline beginning June 1 and transition to studio spaces for the College of Fine Arts as a part of its ongoing facilities renewal strategy.

FlexSpace Options

The University recognizes that staff thrive in different environments and require varying levels of engagement and focus to do their best work. 

  • Individual work stations: Private, semi-private, and open/shared workspace options that are available to support individual work, focused tasks, participation in virtual meetings and calls. Each work station includes dual monitors, a keyboard, a mouse and a docking station/cables to which employees can connect their own devices.  
  • Collaboration spaces: Spaces to convene meetings, gather team members, brainstorm and engage with a group, with consideration for some participants connecting virtually. Collaboration spaces are outfitted with dual displays (televisions), web cameras and microphones.  
  • Informal space: Spaces to foster unscheduled engagements, team collaboration and unstructured activities.  
  • Outdoor gathering and work areas: Where possible, consider outdoor seating, tables and meeting areas to support connection to campus life and informal activities.

 Individual Work Stations

An individual workstation at the Ridges.

Informal Spaces

Informal seating space

 Collaboration / Conference Spaces

Oval conference room

Outdoor Gathering

Window frame in the ridges complex

Additionally, all University FlexSpaces feature support spaces to make working on campus functional and convenient.

  • Single user restroom: At least one single user restroom will be located in each FlexSpace facility  
  • Kitchenette, food preparation area: Food storage and preparation space will be located in proximity and accessible to employees who are using FlexSpaces 
  • Lactation room: Each facility with FlexSpace offers a lactation room, which is equipped with a hospital grade pump, rocking chair, sink and refrigerator  
  • Storage for personal belongings: Lockers or a similar type of secure personal storage are located in each FlexSpace

The Ridges

A view of an open area in a University FlexSpace.

The Ridges offers a variety of FlexSpaces and workstations to meet all work styles. The Ridges FlexSpace offers a break room that features a microwave, sink, fridge and vending machines.

  • Location: The Ridges FlexSpace is located in buildings 13, 14 and 18, which are all connected.
  • Building Directory: Ridges Buildings 13, 14 and 18
  • Recommended Parking: University lot 208

NOTE: University FlexSpace currently located at The Ridges Buildings 13, 14 and 18 is anticipated to go offline beginning June 1 and transition to studio spaces for the College of Fine Arts as a part of its ongoing facilities renewal strategy

Starting July 15, the temporary FlexSpace in The Ridges Building 19 (second floor) will officially become available, providing multiple areas for employee use and/or reservation, including: 

  • 23 semi-private workstations
  • A meeting room
  • Informal collaboration spaces
  • A break room

Grosvenor West

A view of the conference spaces in Grosvenor West.

Grosvenor West offers a variety of FlexSpaces and work stations to meet all work styles. Grosvenor West FlexSpace offers a break room that includes a mini-fridge and microwave.

  • Location: Grosvenor West 103. Grosvenor West is located in the West Green.
  • Building Directory: Grosvenor West
  • Recommended Parking: University lot 111

20 Individual Workstations

Enjoy the atmosphere of working in a large open space as you cross tasks off of your to-do list.


8 Collaboration Conference Spaces

Hold conferences or meetings, or collaborate with teammates in these spaces.

Informal space

Large open area that features soft seating, high top tables and chairs and furniture that can be grouped as needed.

Lindley Hall

An individual workstation in the Lindley Hall FlexSpace.

The Lindley Hall FlexSpace offers a kitchen that includes a fridge, sink and microwave. It is also located conveniently close to Uptown Athens, making it a short walk to enjoy local food and coffee.

  • Location: Lindley Hall N160. Lindley Hall is located in the College Green.
  • Building Directory: Lindley Hall
  • Recommended Parking: University lots 109 and 134. Additional University parking lots and city parking meters are also available.

8 Individual Workstations

Make yourself comfortable at an individual workstation as you complete your daily tasks.


4 Collaboration Conference Spaces

Meet with others to collaborate or hold a conference.

Informal Spaces

The Lindley Hall FlexSpace offers an open area with soft seating, perfect for conversation and a relaxed work environment.

Campus Parking Options

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  • Faculty and Staff Parking Permits

    Need to purchase a campus parking permit? Review campus parking options and purchase a permit that meets your parking needs.