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Wealth & Poverty Week: Identities and Inequalities

The Wealth and Poverty Theme presents a week in February dealing with identities and inequalities. Wealth & Poverty Week on Identities and Inequalities is Feb. 5-9.

Our identities affect our lives profoundly; some start impacting us before we are even born and continue until we die. The enforcement of identity norms and the hierarchies associated with different identities can be highly problematic and result in undesirable outcomes. At the same time, our identities can often be a source of belonging and pride. The Wealth and Poverty Week on Identities and Inequalities brings the Ohio University community together to discuss specific inequalities related to identities and also how identities can be part of the solutions to these inequalities.

"This is our seventh Wealth and Poverty Week event, says Dr. Yeong Kim, Associate Professor of Geography and coordinator of the Wealth and Poverty theme. "We started it in Spring 2015 by putting together five talks given by OHIO faculty members on poverty and development issues in Appalachia. Since then we have hosted a week-long event every semester focusing on Appalachia in Spring 2015, Africa in Fall 2015, Society and Inequality in Spring 2016, Global Challenges in Fall 2016, Rural America in Spring 2017, and Urban Challenges last Fall. Professors across campus and colleges have brought their students to attend talks related to their class.

"While the past events have focused, more or less, on economic inequality and its causes and implications, this semester's Wealth & Poverty Week on Identities and Inequalities brings together five talks examining social inequalities—like sexuality, education, gender, race, health, age, etc—in our world," Kim says. "Our effort to broaden the focus of Wealth & Poverty theme to sociocultural status ties very well to OHIO?s new initiative on diversity and inclusion on campus. We'd like to develop a better understanding of the structural causes of, and solutions for, the inequalities experienced by various OHIO groups."

Monday, Feb. 5, noon-1 p.m., Alden 319 - Dr. Eve Ng, Assistant Professor of Media Arts and Studies and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies, "Constraint and Possibility in the Transnational Funding of LGBT Advocacy," cosponsored with Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Tuesday, Feb. 6, 1:30-2:30 p.m., Alden 319 - Dr. Olga Belskaya, Assistant Professor of Economics, "The Reversal of the Gender Education Gap and Its Impact on the Wage Gap in Russia"

Wednesday, Feb. 7, 3-4 p.m., Alden 319 - Dr. Shannon Nicks, Assistant Professor of Community and Public Health, "Using a Community-engaged Approach to Examine Peer Support and Survivorship Outcomes for African American Women with Breast Cancer"

Thursday, Feb. 8, 3-4 p.m., Alden 319 - Dr. Theda Gibbs, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education, and Dr. Lisa Harrison, Associate Professor of Teacher Education, "Disrupting the School to Prison Pipeline through Restorative Teacher Training"

Friday, Feb. 9, 4-5 p.m., Alden 319 - Dr. John Watkins, Chair and Director of the Graduate Center for Gerontology at the University of Kentucky, "Complexity and the Future of an Aging Appalachia," cosponsored with Appalachian Institute to Advance Health Equity Science, Child and Family Studies, Social and Public Health, and College of Health Science and Professions