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First-Year Success Program

Probation is a serious problem and may result in suspension the following semester. Students are placed on probation when their accumulative (over-all) Grade Point Average (GPA) falls below 2.0. There are many factors that can contribute to poor academic performance. First-year students often have adjustment difficulties and may find their new independence overwhelming. Issues that contribute to poor academic performance may include ineffective time management, poor study skills, lack of academic preparation, and relationship difficulties. The good news is that all these skills can be improved! First-year students who are placed on academic probation are required to attend an "Academic Success Workshop" to learn how they might make the necessary changes to be successful at Ohio University.

Academic Success Workshop Outline

The workshops will:

  • Explain probationary status, including how to calculate GPA.
  • Inform students about the minimum academic requirements needed to avoid suspension.
  • Help students identify problems that led to their poor academic performance.
  • Discuss specific strategies that students can employ to attain good academic standing, including effective time management and goal-setting techniques.
  • Provide information on academic support services.
  • Assist students with developing individual goals and a plan of action for academic success.

We encourage students who are experiencing academic difficulty to contact their adviser or the Undergraduate Advising & Student Affairs Office as soon as possible.

For information about workshop registration, please visit the Academic Achievement Center or email