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A&S Minor Requirements

Students interested in completing a minor may choose from the many minors offered by the College of Arts & Sciences or select a minor offered by another college. Students must declare the minor and fulfill all hour and course requirements for it to be conferred and noted on their Ohio University transcript. The minor will not show on the transcript until a degree is conferred.

University policy stipulates that a minor comprises a minimum of 15 required hours. In the case of foreign languages, the minimum requirement is 15 hours beyond the 2120 level. English courses fulfilling Tier I composition requirements do not count toward an English minor. Within these limits, the distribution of courses, as well as other specific requirements, are determined by the academic department. At minimum, a 2.0 GPA is required. In cases where extra-departmental courses required to fulfill a major either nearly or completely duplicate courses for the chosen minor, declaring that minor might not be acceptable. See the Majors, Minors, and Certificates section in the Undergraduate Catalog for specific minor requirements.