Contemporary History Institute Faculty & Research

Dr. Timothy Anderson, Geography, historic geographer with research interests in the settlement geography and regional cultural identities in the United States as well as the production of cultural landscapes in Germanic diasporas in North America and Europe.

Dr. Patrick Barr-Melej, History, teaches the history of modern Latin America.

Dr. John Brobst, History, specializes in British imperial and international history.

Dr. T. David Curp, History, teaches a variety of courses on contemporary European history, with an emphasis on Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

Geoffrey D. Dabelko, George V. Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Service at Ohio University, teaches and conducts research on natural resources, conflict, and peacebuilding; global environmental politics; climate change and security; and environmental leadership.

Dr. Aimee Edmondson, E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, specializes in media law, computer-assisted reporting, and the media's reporting on race, class, and gender since the Civil Rights era.

Dr. Alonzo L. Hamby, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History, specializes in 20th century U.S. history, especially politics and culture.

Dr. Joshua Hill, History, specializes in modern China and East Asia.

Dr. Alec Holcombe, History, specializes in modern Southeast Asia and Vietnam.

Dr. Katherine Jellison, History, received her Ph.D. at the University of Iowa, where she studied with one of the pioneers in the field of U.S. women's history, Linda K. Kerber.

Dr. Victoria Lee, History, specializes in the role of Japan in 20th and 21st century science and technology.

Dr. Matthew LeRiche, Global Studies, is an expert analyst of Sudan, South Sudan, and East African political and security issues.

Dr. Kevin Mattson, Connor Study Professor of Contemporary History, teaches American cultural and intellectual history, including courses on 20th century ideas, cultural rebellion, popular culture, and film.

Dr. Paul C. Milazzo, History, specializes in 20th century American history.

Dr. Steven M. Miner, History, retired, specializes in the history of Russia and the Soviet Union; he served as CHI director until summer 2017.

Dr. James (Jim) Mosher, Political Science, specializes in West European politics, comparative political economy and international political economy.

Dr. Robin D. Muhammad, African American Studies, studies labor history and the experiences of African American industrial workers in 20th century America.

Dr. Chester J. Pach, Jr., Associate Professor of History, specializes in the history of U.S. foreign relations and recent U.S. history. His research has focused on U.S. involvement in the Cold War and the Vietnam War as well as the Eisenhower, Johnson, and Reagan presidencies.

Dr. Julia Paxton, Economics, teaches classes on poverty, altruism, development economics, international agricultural development, and microfinance.

Dr. Nukhet Sandal, Political Science, specializes in human security, religion and global politics, conflict management, and the politics of divided societies.

Dr. Assan Sarr, History, has broad interests in oral history, Islam, slavery, agrarian change, land tenure systems, peace and conflict resolution in Africa.

Dr. Takaaki Suzuki, East Asian Studies and Political Science, works primarily in the field of International Relations and Comparative Politics.

Dr. Ingo Trauschweizer, History, specializes in modern military and international history.

Dr. Patrick S. Washburn, Professor Emeritus of Journalism, has been a newspaper reporter and columnist. He is the author of A Question of Sedition: The Federal Government's Investigation of the Black Press during World War II (1986).

Dr. Jacqueline Wolf specializes in the history of medicine, specifically the history of women's and children's health and medicine, the history of public health, and the history of biomedical ethics.

Dr. Mirna Zakic, teaches classes on the political, social and cultural history of modern Germany and Europe, with a focus on the Third Reich, World War II, the Holocaust, and their postwar legacies.