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Nukhet Sandal

Dr. Nukhet Sandal, portrait
Associate Dean in the College of Arts & Sciences, Professor of Political Science
Wilson Administrative 208

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Ph.D., University of Southern California, 2010

Research Areas

  • International Security
  • Foreign Policy
  • Religion and Global Politics
  • Human Rights

Her research and teaching interests include human security, religion and global politics, conflict management and politics of divided societies.

Courses Taught

  • POLS 4420/5420 Middle Eastern Politics
  • POLS 4570/5570 Contemporary National Security
  • POLS 4590/5590 Terrorism
  • POLS 2500 International Relations
  • POLS 6000 Scope and Theory in Political Science
  • INST 4950 War and Peace Studies Seminar
  • CAS 1425 War, Peace and Security

Ohio University Affiliations

  • Center for International Studies

About Dr. Sandal

Nukhet Sandal earned her Ph.D. in Politics and International Relations from University of Southern California in 2010, and she was a postdoctoral fellow at the Watson Institute of International Studies at Brown University from 2010-13. Her research focuses on the dynamics of peace and conflict; religion and politics; political competition and outbidding; minority rights; and Turkish politics. In addition to numerous book chapters, she has published articles in the European Journal of International Relations, International Politics, Review of International Studies, Alternatives, Political Studies, West European Politics, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, Politics and Religion, Human Rights Quarterly, and Canadian Journal of Political Science among others.

Dr. Sandal is the Editor-in-Chief of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of International Studies. She is also the author of Religious Leaders and Conflict Transformation (Cambridge University Press, 2017) and Religion and International Relations Theory (with Jonathan Fox; Routledge, 2013), and co-editor of Religion and Peace: Global Perspectives and Possibilities (with Ingo Trauschweizer; Ohio University Press, 2022). Her work has been featured on multiple national and international media outlets.

Dr. Sandal is the recipient of the 2022 Global Access Award, 2021 CIS Advising and Mentorship Award, 2019 Cutler Scholars Distinguished Mentor Award, 2019 Outstanding Research in Social Sciences Award, 2017 University Professor Award, 2017 Honors Tutorial College Best Tutor Award, and 2016 Jeanette G. Grasselli Brown Faculty Teaching Award.