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Courses & Resources in Classics & Religious Studies

Chair's Message

Are you wondering what happened to all the CLAR, CLAS, and CLWR classes? They have all been renumbered and given the new prefix CARS (for “Classics And Religious Studies”).

Since 2003, when the Classics department became “Classics and World Religions,” we have offered five types of courses: CLAR (Classical Archaeology), CLAS (Classics in Translation), CLWR (Classics: World Religions), GK (Greek), and LAT (Latin).

Now that we have become Classics and Religious Studies, we are simplifying the process of signing up for classes so that students don’t have to try three different prefixes to find the class they are looking for. Starting in spring of 2022, all the classes except Greek and Latin will be CARS classes.

There are a few other changes too. For instance, the class formerly known as “Old Testament” is now “The Hebrew Bible” to more accurately describe the subject matter.

See How Will CARS Courses Count for majors that require CLWR, CLAR or CLWR courses? for how the new courses will meet existing major requirements.

Dr. Brian Collins
Department Chair of Classics and Religious Studies and Drs. Ram and Sushila Gawande Chair in Indian Religion and Philosophy

Spring 2024 Course Offerings

  • CARS 2020 Roman Archaeology
  • CARS 2170 Food, Drink and Identity in the Ancient World
  • CARS 2180 Ancient Near Eastern Art and Architecture
  • CARS 2190 The Ancient World in Cinema
  • CARS 2510 Difficult Dialogues: Religion, Gender and Sexuality
  • CARS 3010 New Testament
  • CARS 3210 Religion and Violence
  • CARS 3220 Thinking About Death: Belief and Practice
  • CARS 3420 Women in the Ancient Mediterranean
  • CARS 4000 Magic, Sorcery, and Witchcraft in Classical Civilizations and the World's Religions
  • GK 1120 Beginning Greek II
  • JS 1000 Introduction to Jewish Studies
  • LAT 1120 Beginning Latin II
  • LAT 2120 Intermediate Latin II