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Classics & Religious Studies Awards

Super Greek Prize

For student who has distinguished him or herself in Greek. The award is named after Charles William Super, who was Professor of Ancient Greek at Ohio University from 1879-1900. And he was president of Ohio University from 1884-96.

Awardees: Chase Martin '17 (2014); Tyler von Moll (2010)

D.J. Evans Memorial Fund in Classical Literature

Established in the 20th century by Frank H. Carpenter, who was in the Class of 1924 in honor of his grandfather, Professor D.J. Evans, who taught Latin and related subjects for 40 years at Ohio University, from 1883 to 1924. The purpose of the award is to support teaching and scholarly activities carried on by students and faculty in departments providing instruction in Greek and Latin literature.

Awardees: Rachel Batty '14, Alexis Bennett, Nicholas Brumfield '15, Mark Clemente '16, Ryan Hannan '15, Madison Koenig, Margaret Hogan '15 (2014); Eden Oxley and John Midwood (2010)

Octa J. Kincade Latin Scholarship

This award was set up by Octa Kincade, who earned a bachelor's degree in 1927 and a master's degree in 1938 in Latin at Ohio University. She then went on to a long and distinguished career as a teacher of high school Latin in Ohio, and all during that time she retained a significant commitment to her alma mater. She bequeathed this award as a legacy to the University, favoring students who were interested in teaching, particularly teaching in the classics?Latin, Greek, Classical Civilization.

Awardees: Matt McDonald, Daniel Spencer, and Joe Laughman '14 (2014); Micah Covert (2010)

McVay Phi Beta Kappa Humanities Award

Funded by a gift from Herbert McVay in honor of his sister, Josephine McVay Butler, who received a bachelor's degree from Ohio University in 1935 and her master's in 1936. And then she went on to become a high school teacher of Latin in California for 25 years.

Awardees: Ryan Childs '16 and Tristan Mull (2014); Casey Neill (2010)

Hugh H. Davis Classics Library Award

Davis was a graduate of Ohio University, with a B.A. in 1932, and later he earned a Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati. He became a Professor of Classics, first at Fordham University and later at Le Moyne College. He also had a distinguished war career. He served in Italy with the Office of Strategic Services, the precursor to the CIA, during WWII. After his retirement, he returned to his family house in Pomeroy and renewed his connection with Ohio University.

Awardees: Thomas Fankhauser '16 (2014); Ben Stewart (2010)

Paul R. and Alice N. Murphy Scholarship

Paul Murphy was a mainstay of the classics program at Ohio University for six decades, retiring in 1983. He was dedicated to the study of the classics and the teaching of Latin. Paul and Alice Murphy also dedicated the classics library, with his books serving as the beginning of the library. The award is for a fulltime sophomore or junior or senior student who is studying classical languages.

Awardees: Andrew Rose '17 (2014); Eden Oxley and John Midwood (2010)

Ursula Feer Farfel Scholarship in Classics

Established by Gilbert and Ursula Farfel to support a student majoring in classics. Ursula Farfal was a student at Ohio University who was very appreciated of how she had been supported with a scholarship that covered her undergraduate tuition. Awardee: Sarah Hinkelman '15.

Harry Hultgren Book Award

He taught classics at Ohio University and helped sustain the program through a time through the 1970s. He was a very committed and devoted teacher. One of his students, Catherine Robinson, who now lives in California, was very appreciative and created a book prize in his honor, enabling the Classics & World Religions Department to honor its graduating seniors with books.

Awardees: Tatiana Fox '14, Mary "Cassie" Norton' 14, Margaret Krueger '14HTC (entering Harvard Divinity School), Kyle Collins '14 (entering classics program at the University of Cincinnati), Rachel Thomas '14HTC (entering Merton College at the University of Oxford for an MPhil in Latin and Greek Languages and Literature) (2014); Robert Leary (2010); Royce Best (2009)

George Weckman Award

The major in World Religions at Ohio University is just a little more than 10 years old, and one of the main reasons why we have a major in religions is because of Professor Emeritus George Weckman. This award was created his honor by his colleagues when he retired. Weckman had a long and distinguished career at Ohio University and is a founding father of the combined Classics & World Religions Department. The Weckman Award recognized outstanding work in world religions.

Awardees: Grace Eberly '15 and Jessica Stewart (2014); Mary "Cassie" Norton '14 and Rebecca Romano '14 (2013)

Tom Carpenter Distinguished Professor Scholarship

"The most exciting part of being a Distinguished Professor is having the opportunity to give this award to a deserving student," says Dr. Tom Carpenter.

Awardee: Shannon McLaughlin (2014)

D.J. Evans Memorial Fund in Classical Literature

For an exceptional student in Latin.

Awardees: Jamie Snodgrass '17 (2014); Eden Oxley, John Midwood and Evan Sherer (2010)