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Emerging Leaders

Members of the Emerging Leaders program in OHIO's College of Business

Emerging Leaders is a one-year accelerated development program with the goal of encouraging current Ohio University sophomores/incoming juniors to achieve their potential as a leader. We strive to strengthen our members intrapersonal skills and professional skill sets, while mentoring them to realize their maximum leadership potential.  

Executive engagements are a key component in the Emerging Leaders Program. Through discussions and opportunities to meet with OHIO alumni and corporate executives, the high caliber College of Business students in our program develop the necessary career and leadership skills to transform into authentic leaders. As a result of these face-to-face interactions, students are often able to have continued communication, acquire interviews, and even secure internships.

Past Executive Engagements

2021-22 Engagements

  • Alyson Shupe - Head of Product Strategy at J.P Morgan Asset Management
  • Amy Greene - Director of Business Strategy at Alliance Data
  • Barrett Jackson - Business Analyst for INSIGHT2PROFIT
  • Greg Carlin - Founder and CEO of Play: Adventure Parks (Columbus Trip)
  • Greg Moran - COO at Aware
  • Greg Robinson - East and Central Region Leader - EPM, ERP & Analytics at The Hackett Group
  • Julie Mann Keppner - Vice President of Product at Performline
  • Matt Wienke - President and CEO of Infoverity (Columbus Trip)
  • Robin Pollina - CEO of Palmer-Donavin (Columbus Trip)

2020-21 Engagements

  • Chris Hellman – Former Global VP of Coca-Cola Freestyle Business
  • Bill Lombardo – Creator of CASA Mindset Program
  • Kelly Weber – Founder of Wander Project
  • Lawrence Nwajei – Account Executive at Axiom
  • Mikayla Herrera – Project Manager at Epic

Our Mission

We develop leaders who earn leadership by creating value, inspiring others to follow, and doing business with integrity. (Walter Leadership Center)

Our Vision

Enhance our world with life-long leaders who inspire positive impact on their organizations in which they belong and the communities in which they serve.

Our Purpose

Providing opportunities for collaboration and exposing students to real-world challenges is key in achieving our mission to build the next generation of leaders. We grow leaders who emulate that characteristics of role models in the business word – entrepreneurial, capable of taking disciplined risk, adaptive to market demands, resilient in the face of challenges, and cognizant of their inherent impact on others they lead. Our leaders remain steadfast in their principles while exhibiting ethics, values, and respect for diversity and inclusivity.

Our Values

  • Authenticity: bringing to life our values, beliefs, and actions to all that we do
  • Integrity: leading with moral courage, ethical strength, and trustworthiness while keeping our promises and fulfilling expectations
  • Respect: our ability to respect others (and ourself) regardless of differences and the ability to earn the respect of others
  • Humility: engaging with a sense of humbleness and dignity while simultaneously acknowledging our limitations
  • Impact: maximizing our personal efforts that lead to making a positive impact on individuals, organizations, communities, and outcomes
  • Service:our dedication to serve beyond our own self-interest and make a positive difference for the world around us



  • Student within the College of Business
  • Sophomore/upcoming Junior
  • A desire to develop yourself and your leadership skills

To apply to be an Emerging Leader, you will complete a 3-part application:

  • Short Answer Essay Questions
  • Resume (PDF)
  • Letter of Recommendation (PDF) - From someone who can communicate why you would be a good fit for Emerging Leaders that is NOT affiliated with Ohio University

Apply to be an Emerging Leader

“Joining Emerging Leaders has easily been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The people are what make this organization so special – we all want the same thing which is why we joined EL in the first place – to better ourselves and set ourselves up for success post-grad. EL is full of extremely motivated, goal-oriented, and talented people who challenge me to push myself every day. Since joining, I have seen a tremendous amount of change and growth in the way I set goals, lead others, and perform in professional settings." —Ian Radwancky EL 2021-22 President

Contact Us

For more information, please contact Emerging Leaders at ohiouemergingleaders@gmail.com.