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SOX Fellows

Three College of Business students pose in front of a window

Get hands-on auditing experience through a partnership with the Ohio University Foundation and Plante Moran LLC. The School of Accountancy offers select students the opportunity to build real auditing experience, while earning a scholarship and one hour of internship credit. 

The law, in short, requires public companies to have fully independent auditors evaluate their accounting practices. In this organization, members act as those auditors. Students are trained by an oversight team lead by College of Business alumnus Danny Sklenicka with Plante Moran, the Columbus firm that audits the Ohio University Foundation. Split into three teams — journal entries, cash transactions, and investments —SOX Fellows document existing controls, determine sufficiency of internal controls in place, and assess the effectiveness of those controls over the foundation’s accounts.

“The SOX 404 Fellows Program is one of the most prestigious opportunities provided by the School of Accountancy. … The Fellowship offers participants a unique set of challenges and opportunities for growth, which adds tremendous value to the students as they face a steep learning curve upon gaining entry into the program. As graduating seniors, the SOX Fellowship has provided us with real-world experience and a unique way to differentiate ourselves as we prepare to enter the workforce." —Anna Melnik, accounting and urban planning

Selection Requirements

Students do not apply for SOX, rather they are selected for the program based on their educational achievements and involvement in student activities. Each SOX Fellow gets a scholarship and one hour of internship credit.

To be selected for SOX Fellows, students must be nominated by their professors. Ideal candidates must have a solid work ethic; show they are able to completely commit to the project; and must be disciplined, passionate, and a reliable team player.

Nominations occur during sophomore and junior years.