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Moumita Gyomlai

Moumita Gyomlai, assistant professor
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Copeland 524


  • Ph.D., Marketing, HEC School of Management Paris, 2014
  • Post Grad Diploma in Communications Management, Brand Management/Marketing Research, MICA, 2005
  • Bachelor's in science, Mathematics, Fergusson College, University of Pune, 2003

Research Interests

  • Salespeople Motivation & Training
  • Innovation Sales
  • Luxury Brand Management
  • M&A Integration
  • Knowledge Networks & Structures
  • Identity Conflict


Moumita Das is an analytics-driven, result-oriented marketing academic currently serving as Assistant Professor of Marketing. After completion of her Ph.D. at HEC Paris in 2014, she joined University of Houston as a Post-Doctoral Fellow to continue working on research projects. She joined Tulane University and taught undergraduate and MBA-level courses until 2018. Moumita comes with a proven record in challenging business environments.

Before her journey in academia, she spent four years at L’Oréal in a senior managerial role managing multiple brands. Her functions involved a myriad of functions: from the creative aspects of organizing a fashion campaign in line with the brand narratives to number crunching for sales forecasts and budget management. She had joined L'Oréal as a summer intern and was selected the following year to join its highly competitive Management Trainee program. Her growth within the company was fueled by her grounding in the sales field through the valuable experience during this trainee program. Her research interest in the domain of sales and luxury brands originate from this period.

While pursuing the Ph.D., Moumita stayed involved with the industry by working with student teams on consulting projects from companies like Procter & Gamble, Peugeot, Philips, Michelin, BNP Paribas and Daymon Worldwide. These experiences further expanded her interest across a variety of managerially important issues. Moumita is currently working on research papers across the disciplines of marketing and strategy. She has presented her work at various conferences including the Strategic Management Society - Annual Conference, American Marketing Association – Summer Marketing Educators Conference, ISBM Academic Conference, and INFORMS Marketing Science Conference. She also serves as a reviewer for many of these conferences.

Moumita has previously taught research analytics, marketing fundamentals, psychology of decision-making, luxury brand management at the undergraduate level, marketing fundamentals for the MBA program, in addition to serving as a faculty mentor for business projects at a graduate level. Moumita currently teaches sales management to undergraduate students at the College of Business. Her approach towards students is to empower them to use what they learn in a meaningful way after they graduate. She believes in helping students to connect the dots from academia to practice and deliver content that is relevant for students' learning: via examples from the industry, reflective presentations from students, and via involvement in projects with industry partners.


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  • Gyomlai, Moumita Das and Jacob L. Hiler. 2021. “Luxury in flux: An examination of producer and consumer perceptions amidst Covid-19.”  Advances in Consumer Research.

Presentations & Awards

  • Co-presenter of “Trash or Treasure: Young Consumers & the Post-Purchase Journey of Luxury Packaging”, Association of Consumer Research Conference (2023), Seattle.
  • Co-presenter of “Temporal Boundary Control as Determinant of Job Engagement: The Roles of Work-Family Balance Satisfaction and Work-Home Identity Conflict/Integration”, 36th Annual Conference of International Association for Conflict Management (2023), Thessaloniki, Greece.
  • Co-presenter of “Who is more engaged while teleworking? Temporal boundary control as determinant of job engagement: the roles of work-family balance satisfaction, identity-integration and gender”, 37th Workshop on Strategic Human Resource Management (2022), Minho, Portugal.
  • Co-presenter of “A tale of two MMOs: Examining cross-cultural differences in Japanese & US game developers”, Association of Consumer Research Conference (2022), Denver.
  • Co-presenter of “Marketing positivity: Will an intervention enhance marketing students' subjective happiness scores?”, The Academic and Business Research Institute International Fall Conference (2021).
  • Co-presenter of “Luxury in flux: An examination of producer and consumer perceptions amidst Covid-19”, Association of Consumer Research Conference (2021), Seattle.
  • Presenter of “Influence of structure of knowledge bases of acquirer and target firms on acquirer’s innovation performance”, Strategic Management Society (SMS) 38th Annual Conference, Paris (2018).
  • Participant at the SMS Special Conference on Collaborative Strategies: New Thinking about Alliances, Mergers, and Acquisitions, Costa Rica (2017).
  • Participant at the Strategic Management Society (SMS) 37th Annual Conference, Houston (2017).
  • Presenter of “Salesperson’s effort allocation across an assortment of high- and low- status brands”, ISBM Academic Conference, San Francisco (2014).
  • Presenter of “How to sell a luxury brand in a non-luxury store”, Invited Presentation at Audioptic Trade Services, Paris (2014).
  • Presenter of “When the wheat lies among the chaff: Salesperson’s luxury brand effort in a multi-branded environment”, INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, Istanbul (2013).
  • Presenter of “The role of boundary spanners in brand-building – A value congruence perspective”, Invited Presentation at the Institut de France, Paris (2013).
  • Presenter of “How to sell a luxury brand in a non-luxury store”, poster at the AMA Summer Marketing Educators Conference, Chicago (2012).