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Derivatives Management

Members of the Derivatives Management group in the College of Business pose in front of the Class Gateway

Founded in 2013, the Ohio University Derivatives Management Group (DMG) is a student-run organization that manages swaps, options, and futures portfolios. Through its active member involvement and hands-on learning environment, the group provides students with the opportunity to gain exposure to high-level investing. Its members represent some of the brightest students from Ohio University and are expected to maintain strong academic standing, as evidenced by the group's 3.00 GPA requirement.

OHIO's DMG is one of the only student-run derivatives groups in the nation. 

The group has the ability to utilize industry leading technology such as Bloomberg and FactSet to recognize market trends and conduct rigorous technical analysis to understand entry and exit points.

Ohio University Derivatives Management Group logo

The Ohio University Derivatives Management Group logo is the Sigma symbol. Sigma represents volatility, which options traders use as the basis for many plays. 

Culture & Values

The Ohio University Derivatives Management Group maintains three core values: integrity, solidarity, and respect.


Active members are expected to maintain academic and social responsibility and are held to high standards of morality. Similarly, the group maintains integrity through its investments. Through weekly reporting for internal and external purposes, the group maintains its strong relationship with supervisors and faculty.   


DMG represents a diverse group of individuals across all majors within the college who maintain strong relationships with each other in meetings and in the classroom. Through working in investment and economic groups, members learn the importance of teamwork and strategic thinking to push across investment ideas.


Although discussions can sometimes become passionate, the group makes a conscience effort to ensure that every voice is heard and that each member receives a fair chance to argue their opinion. Each member is treated equally, regardless of their title or tenure in the group. DMG also has an equal weight voting system, where each member is allowed to vote on each sales pitch, including interns.

Join Our Team

DMG is looking for students who are committed, willing to learn, and can work independently and in a team setting.

We recruit at the beginning of each semester. The group undergoes a rigorous recruitment process that includes an in-depth application and a formal behavioral and technical interview. After receiving an interview, the applicant will receive technical and behavioral guides that will assist in the applicant’s preparation for the interview.

The process is highly competitive due to the group's selective nature.

In the early weeks of fall and spring semesters, application information will be available at/on:

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“The Ohio University Derivatives Management Group has prepared me for success in the classroom and in my future career through hands-on learning, real experience in investing, and by being surrounded by other intelligent and hard-working individuals. Being in the Derivatives Management Group has set me apart from other individuals applying for the same positions and has helped many members get the jobs and internships that they want." —Patrick Mullin '21, President
Map of the United States that shows states with DMG Alumni. Alumni are present in Texas, Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Florida, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Oregon, and California.


The Ohio University Derivatives Management Group prides itself on its ability to deliver value to its members and lead them towards the career of their choosing, whether that's in corporate, investment banking or sales and trading. This initiative is evidenced by the group's recent full-time and internship placement. Our graduates have earned positions at Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Credit Suisse, Societe Generale, Guggenheim Securities, PNC, US Bank, Ernst & Young, Dell, Deloitte, and KeyBank among other leading companies. 

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