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Wellness Series Registration Now Open

December 21, 2020

WellWorks now offers virtual wellbeing specialty programs in addition to virtual memberships!

You now have a new way to connect with Ohio University WellWorks without needing a membership. WellWorks has officially announced a variety of specialty wellness programs that are available now.

Five new wellness series are available to the public. Each class will be available on January 1, 2021 (unless otherwise noted) with unlimited access to the exclusive class website through April 30, 2021. All materials are conveniently located in the website, making it easy to navigate your own wellness goals. 

A note to Virtual Members: the content available in Alignment/Balance/Core, Begin Your Adventure and Active Seniors Bundle are all available on the member portal at no additional fee to members. 

Each virtual program has a different focus area within wellbeing, but all programs are designed to complement one another, making it easy to participate in multiple programs at one time.

  • Begin Your Adventure Wellness Coaching Series: This series will examine your own wellness needs and desires, assess your current practices, help you identify changes you'd like to make and explore next steps. Participants are given the opportunity to watch videos from a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and then engage in personal reflection through assessments and worksheets. This program is ideal for someone looking to dig deep and visualize a path forward as they navigate their goals for 2021 and beyond. This course is being offered at a significant discounted rate through January 2021. Future installments of this course may be offered, but at an increased rate. Cost: $27. Registration is now open.
  • Alignment Balance Core Fitness Series: This series is intended to offer you a self-paced workout program focused on strengthening and toning your body, improving balance, and practicing proper body alignment. Alignment, Balance, and Core features 10- full length classes offering progressive exercises. Each video includes visual instruction, movement modifications, and a variety of exercises. This series is ideal for beginner to advanced fitness levels and is excellent for anyone looking for challenging, low-impact workouts. Cost: $37. Registration is now open.
  • Risk Reduction 1.0: The Risk Reduction program is a team-based approach to health and wellness. Inspired by an evidence-based program that emphasizes eating well, moving more, stressing less, and love, the Risk Reduction program is an opportunity to make each of these actions your own with an overall objective to support you in your journey toward better health. This 12-week program includes educational videos, movement videos, mindfulness training, restorative yoga, weekly live check-in meetings and group support. This is your opportunity. Make it happen. Own it. Prepare yourself to chase your life’s adventures! The class begins on January 25. Cost: $120. Registration is now open.
  • Cardio Kickboxing Fitness Series: In this fitness series, cardio, strength and stretching are strategically combined to improve cardiovascular endurance and strength. Participants will be successful in this program if they are able to commit to exercising for 20-60 minutes two to three times per week. This program is designed to be completed in 10-weeks. Though, participants will receive access to the course through April 30, allowing them to adjust the program to fit their needs. Cost: $37. Registration is now open.
  • Active Senior Bundle: This Series will integrate all the fundamental physical fitness components: Cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular fitness, flexibility, and neuromotor. This series of five classes is designed with our Active Senior participants in mind, but it may also be appropriate for beginners or those looking for a "soft-start" to resuming an exercise routine. Cost: $35. Registration is now open.

“We think the wellness series options are ideal for people who are not just craving wellbeing support but who miss connecting with their friends,” explained WellWorks Engagement and Marketing Coordinator (and Cardio Kickboxing Instructor) Annie Laurie Cadmus. “What we love about these programs is that they are open to anyone with access to internet. So, if you are wanting to commit to a workout program with your friends scattered all over the country, enrolling in these programs can be an ideal solution!” Cadmus explained that individuals will need to create a free account at the WellWorks Member Portal before registering for classes; however, a membership is not required for participation.

In addition to the five wellness series noted above, WellWorks will offer Risk Reduction 2.0 exclusively to Ohio University employees enrolled in the benefits plan (and their benefits-enrolled spouses/partners). 

About Risk Reduction 2.0:

Available only to benefits-participating Ohio University employees/spouses/partners, this exclusive class is an excellent follow-up to Risk Reduction 1.0 or for any eligible individual with a foundation of physical and nutritional fitness who are seeking guided support through their wellbeing journey. The 12-week virtual program includes

  • Twice weekly personal training
  • Quarterly nutrition counseling
  • Weekly team meetings
  • Weekly Restorative Yoga classes
  • Weekly mindfulness practices

In total, this program is worth over $3,000; however, it is currently being offered to eligible participants in Spring 2021 for $300 (a $100 down payment is required, and the remainder can be paid in early 2021).

To register for this class, interested individuals must first have their eligibility verified by emailing the course instructor, Josh Christen, at christej@ohio.edu. The program begins on February 1, 2021 and will conclude on April 23, 2021.

Note: This program is an altered version of the in-person Risk Reduction previously offered at WellWorks, so previous participants are not eligible to participate at this time.