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Personal Trainers

Kelly Barth Headshot

Kelly Barth

Kelly is a nutrition/dietetics student at OHIO who is also working toward a Sports Nutrition certificate. Kelly believes nutrition is a big key to reaching your health goals because without proper fueling with nutrient-rich foods, you will not feel your best in the fitness center. Kelly currently holds a National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT). Kelly’s own fitness routine has evolved throughout the years and now incorporates elements of lifting, running, high intensity interval training and rowing. Kelly’s past clients might warn you that she doesn’t go easy on her clients because she wants you to reach your exercise goals!  With her background in general and sports nutrition, Kelly can also bring that extra knowledge to the table in order to help clients achieve a variety of body composition goals.  

Katie Boehlefeld headshot

Katie Boehlefeld

Katie is a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Integrated Healthcare Studies with a plan to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in Columbus, Ohio. Katie’s personal exercise preference is powerlifting which focuses on three compound lifts: squat, bench, and deadlift. When working with clients, she incorporates what she has learned from powerlifting by supporting her clients with adapted circuit training and strength training methods. Katie’s ultimate goal with each of her clients is to create the best workout possible in a way that they can enjoy it!

Lynset Booker Headshot

Lynsey Booker

Lynsey is a Senior Exercise Physiology student with plans to pursue a Master’s degree in a similar field. In addition to her role as a personal trainer, Lynsey is also a Wellness Specialist and student manager of the Women on Weights Program where she instructs resistance training classes for all fitness levels as well as a weekly circuit-style group fitness class. These roles allow her to observe a variety of different body types movement patterns, providing her with a strong understanding that every client is unique as are their individual needs and goals. When supporting her clients, she offers a wide array of styles, including functional weight training, circuit training and high intensity interval training. Lynsey's goal for her clients is to instill them with confidence and strength both inside and outside the gym. 

Noah Callahan Headshot

Noah Callahan

Noah is a senior studying Exercise Physiology with a minor in Biology. He has aspirations to eventually apply to either Physical Therapy or Chiropractic graduate programs and continue his career in the health and fitness fields. Noah’s fitness background stems from his upbringing where he was heavily involved in basketball. When working with clients, Noah enjoys incorporating high intensity interval training along with a fair amount of strength and resistance training styles. Though, he is constantly adopting new training styles to meet the goals and needs of his clients. Noah believes that working out should be a fun and exciting part of the day. Exercise is a multi-faceted tool that can help maintain a healthy lifestyle, relieve stress and boost happiness. Noah understands that everyone is different and unique, and he encourages potential clients to talk to him about starting or continuing your own fitness journey. “Let’s get after it!”

Cole Casillas Headshot Coming Soon

Cole Casillas

Bio Coming Soon.

Alex Ciccotelli headshot

Alexandra Ciccotelli

Alex is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise. A senior, Alex is studying Exercise Physiology in hopes of becoming a Physical Therapist. Alex enjoys incorporating both long distance running and resistance training into her personal fitness routine. When working with clients, Alex commonly utilizes High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts, resistance training, and cardio and endurance-based workouts. Alex's goal as a trainer is to help her clients reach their unique goals and help them become the best version of themselves, not just physically, but mentally. Alex works to teach her clients tactics that they can utilize every day to stay healthy. 

Rob Gates headshot

Rob Gates

Rob is a second year Doctor of Physical Therapy student with a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science. Rob is a also a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) with two years of personal training experience. Rob's future plans involve working with patients from athletes to general population in an outpatient physical therapy setting. Rob enjoys all aspects of physical fitness and implements strength, aerobic, and cross-training into his exercise routine. Rob's training style involves strength and aerobic training with a focus on injury prevention. His goal to help you reach your strength, aerobic, weight-loss, and balance goals while teaching movement mechanics for injury prevention.

Deryk Grosse Headshot

Deryk Grosse

Deryk is a senior majoring in Exercise Physiology with a minor in marketing. Deryk is currently preparing for the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification exam. After graduation, Deryk is excited to begin training many different clients including athletes, military personnel, and/or anybody looking to start or enhance their fitness lifestyle. Deryk’s dream job is to one day work for a college football team as a strength and conditioning coach. When training clients, Deryk is can utilize a variety of different training styles to support clients who are training for physique, strength, body mass, or weight loss. He wants to help clients crush their goals while also enjoying what they do. His goal is to spread his knowledge to others so they can continue their journey and spread what they have learned to others.

Derrick Gullet Headshot

Derrick Gullet

Derrick is a senior pursuing an Exercise Physiology degree. After graduating this year, he plans to obtain his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification. Having come from an athletic family, Derrick grew up playing sports such as football, baseball, basketball, and golf. Such variety growing up has allowed Derrick to incorporate a variety of methods of training in his own personal pursuits of wellness. When training with new clients, Derrick works to ensure the client becomes comfortable being in the gym and using all the equipment that comes with it. Derrick encourages his clients to incorporate weightlifting, cardio and core work into their routines to allow for a holistic approach to their wellness. Derrick believes, above all, that consistency is key; the more you work at something, the easier it becomes.

Jake Hall headshot

Jake Hall

Jake is a Senior studying Exercise Physiology and minoring in Biology. He has been a Personal Trainer at WellWorks for 2 years and has served as a personal trainer to more than 15 WellWorks members during that time. Fitness is both Jake's hobby and passion as he believes in exercise as medicine. Jake's personal exercise practices include Crossfit, Weightlifting, and recently Triathlon. A Belpre High School Alum, Jake played football, wrestled, and ran track on his high school's teams. Jake has navigated much of his athletic career with serious injuries, so is knowledgeable about accommodating and working around orthopedic limitations while addressing clients' unique goals. Jake's main goal as a Trainer is to facilitate his clients' goals as well as educate them on exercise so eventually they gain autonomy.

Rhys Jones headshot

Rhys Jones

Rhys is an Exercise Physiology major who enjoys weightlifting, running and biking. As a Personal Trainer, Rhys focuses on developing a program that is challenging and rewarding to each unique client. Providing his clients with support throughout their progress toward attaining fitness goals is key to his personal training style.  

Courtney Jones Headshot

Courtney Jones

Courtney is a junior Exercise Physiology and Pre-Physical Therapy student with future plans of becoming a physical therapist specializing in pediatrics. Courtney enjoys interval training and lifting as her personal choice of exercise. When working with clients, she likes to use methods of exercise that suit each client best. Her goals for her clients include: building confidence in and out of the gym; improving overall health and wellness, and; making sure each client gets the most out of each workout, whether that be building muscle, getting in shape, or having fun. 

Shilah Kidd Headshot

Shilah Kidd

Shilah Kidd is a Bachelor of Specialized Studies major where she focuses on the dynamics of Exercise Physiology, Nutrition and Psychology under the degree of Human Behavior and Wellness. In her own personal fitness routine, Shilah likes to incorporate strength training and high intensity interval training (HIIT) styles. As a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE), Shilah aims to create a personalized enjoyable program tailored around the needs and goals of the client. As an athlete who has overcome various orthopedic injuries, she has experience in working with limitations and specific needs of clients. Overall, Shilah wants her clients to feel comfortable and knowledgeable while having an enjoyable experience throughout their wellness journey. 

Jada Mason Headshot

Jada Mason

Jada is a senior studying psychology and is currently an certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Jada incorporates a variety of activities into her daily routine to make exercise fun; she most enjoys riding bicycles, playing volleyball with friends, and resistance training. Jada typically incorporates high intensity interval training and weight training into sessions with clients. Her ultimate intention as a personal trainer is to help clients reach their goals and increase their confidence inside and outside of the gym.

Alyssa McCarthy headshot

Alyssa McCarthy

Alyssa is an Exercise Physiology major and a Nutrition and Biological Sciences minor. Alyssa aspires educate her clients and motivate them both in and outside the gym. She hopes to show all her clients that working out can be fun and rewarding by creating an enjoyable environment with customized workout programs. Alyssa strives to build strong relationships with her clients along with teaching them enough about technique and program planning that they can develop autonomy in the fitness center. Her goal for all of her clients is to support them as they work to become more empowered in their fitness and more confident in their capabilities. Alyssa is excited to have the opportunity to motivate her clients and watch them grow to reach their goals.

Brock Midkiff Headshot

Brock Midkiff

Brock is an Exercise Physiology (Pre-Physical Therapy) student who enjoys all things sports and fitness. Brock specializes in functional resistance training, prioritizing strength development in a variety of positions that you are likely to find yourself in during a real-life situations. With his background in physical therapy, he also specializes in adapting training around physical limitations. This makes him a great fit for anyone with bad joints or mobility issues and allows him to take a therapeutic approach to training. He ensures that those “bad knees” won’t prevent you from training all parts of your body. He always takes an empathetic approach when taking his clients’ feedback regarding what exercises they are comfortable performing. Brock views personal fitness not only as a way to improve overall health, but as a way to improve your quality of life by expanding your physical capabilities. This allows clients to hit their personal fitness goals while also living life to the fullest.

Devin Miller headshot

Devin Miller

Devin is a senior studying Physical Activity and Sport Coaching who is currently certified as a personal trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Devin’s professional goal is to work with combative arts athletes as a strength and conditioning coach. He has been doing combative arts seriously for the past six years which has helped him develop a unique training style through resistance training, high intensity interval training, and circuits. This style is geared towards clientele who want to increase strength, increase cardio endurance, focus on weight management, and have a leaner physique. As a trainer, Devin believes it is important to not only help the client achieve their goals, but to provide a learning experience for them along the way. 

Caleb Moore headshot

Caleb Moore

Caleb is a senior studying Exercise Physiology and is a certified personal trainer with the American Council on Exercise with a short-term goal to attain the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists certification. Caleb’s personal style of exercise focuses on powerlifting which is composed up of three main lifts: squat, bench, and deadlift. When working with clients, his personal training methods, in turn, revolve around strength training, circuit training, Tabata and high intensity interval training. Caleb works to ensure clients are able to become their best self through training and to introduce exercise as a fun activity. He also aims to offer clients any education around exercise that they may be seeking. 

Jake Neatherton Headshot

Jake Neatherton

Jake is a junior majoring in Exercise Physiology with a minor in Applied Nutrition. Jake is currently preparing for the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification exam so he can continue to help others reach their physical goals. After graduation, Jake is exploring several options, including continuing with school through a Masters or Physical Therapy school or taking a gap year to explore job opportunities in his chosen field. When training clients, Jake focuses on building total body strength and flexibility to help the client stay mobile while also heavily catering to the clients’ goals. Above all, Jake wishes to follow his bliss by opening up his own gym and focus on personal/group training. 

Dean Ohde Headshot

Dean Ohde

Dean received his Biological Sciences degree from Ohio University in Spring 2018 and is currently a Physical Therapy graduate student.  Placing an emphasis on both aerobic and resistance training has allowed Dean to complete various races ranging from 400m to a marathon and even triathlons, which combine his three favorite sports of running, biking and swimming. Clients have unique goals and Dean works to support those goals by tailoring his Personal Training programs in ways that are both fun and effective. Dean believes in the power of improving clients’ quality of life through lifestyle changes such as exercise and nutrition.

Julia Staten Headshot

Julia Staten

Julia is an Exercise Physiology student who enjoys participating in Track & Field and Gymnastics. In her own personal fitness routine, Julia favors weight training and yoga. As a Personal Trainer, Julia strives to promote a comfortable environment while helping clients pursue their fitness goals. With such a diverse education and personal background in various forms of fitness, Julia is able to tailor each training program to the unique interests, styles and abilities of each client, offering maximum motivation for clients to incorporate fitness into their lives.