Cyndi Parsons, AAS

Cyndi Parsons
Administrative Specialist
E142 Grover Center

Fun Info:

My blood type is CHOCOLATE. 
Would rather drive a truck than a sports car. 
Totally against replacing something with TOFU, totally.

WellWorks Team Member Since:

1996 when Healthbeat, Adult Fitness and Employee Wellness programs were merged to become “WellWorks.”

What My Position Entails:

Office management, administrator of our fitness-specific software, train and supervise front desk employees.

Why I Enjoy My Job:

I couldn’t work with a better staff, including our students! I like getting to know our members and interesting things about them. I like getting to know a new group of students each year, but at the same time hate to see the others leave.

I Chose This Career Path Because:

I went into Office Management because I was always good at being organized and running things as efficiently as possible. I like planning ahead, helping others stay on task, and supporting the goals of the company/business/organization.

My Professional Passion: