Any WellWorks member not eligible for a University parking pass can receive a WellWorks parking pass.

Passes can be obtained by requesting a parking pass through our online Parking Pass Request Form. Parking Services will verify your eligibility and then email you a copy of your pass. You can print your pass for immediate use. If you do not have access to a printer, you are welcome to request that WellWorks prints your parking pass the next time you visit the facility.

Note: If you purchase your WellWorks membership in-person at our Grover Center facility, our front desk staff can assist you in the submission of your parking pass request. 

A WellWorks parking pass allows the member to park in any of the following locations*:

  • WellWorks dedicated parking spots, located in the front row of the Walter parking lot (#134). Approximately 250 steps away from the WellWorks entrance.
  • Lot #134 (Walter Hall parking lot). Approximately 330 steps away from the WellWorks entrance.
  • Lot #132 (Peden Stadium parking lot). Approximately 375 steps away from the WellWorks entrance.
  • Lot #133 (Walter Fieldhouse parking lot). Approximately 420 steps away from the WellWorks entrance.
  • Lot #128 (the lot directly outside the perimeter of Convocation Center). Approximately 700 steps away from the WellWorks entrance, at its furthest point.

Please Note: WellWorks Parking Permits are not valid in any metered spaces. The permit is limited to 2 hours.

Map of parking lots for WellWorks members
WellWorks members with a WellWorks-specific parking permit can utilize a variety of parking lots on campus.

Event parking: If there is a special event on campus, the WellWorks parking spots should remain open and available to WellWorks permit holders. If all of WellWorks spaces are occupied, the permit holder must seek parking in one of the alternate lots noted above.

Faculty/Staff/Retirees should already have a parking pass through the University. These parking passes allow the pass holder to park in faculty/staff parking lots (dark green or purple lots). Retirees have the option to receive either a WellWorks permit OR a general University permit; they cannot obtain both.

Visitors are required to park at a meter (meters charge $0.75/hour) 

* All parking lots require specific passes Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm. The lots are free at all other times. All lots are subject to closure or reduced availability due to maintenance, special events or University mandates.