Jenn Bennett, MS

Jenn Bennett
Executive Director of WellWorks and Healthy OHIO, Administrative Senate Chair
E134 Grover Center

WellWorks Team Member Since:


What My Position Entails: 

Ensuring WellWorks is moving in a direction that aligns with Ohio University, the College of Health Sciences and Professions, and the WellWorks mission and vision.

Why I Enjoy My Job: 

I like helping people. As director I have the opportunity to lead the WellWorks team in an exciting direction with student engagement, employee well-being and community outreach.

I Chose This Career Path Because: 

I knew I wanted to work with people and fitness.  Each opportunity that I took prepared me to be successful for my next position.  And sometimes disappointment and failures are just what you need to find what is right.

My Professional Passion: 

Giving people the space, time, and opportunity to find out what they are really wanting for themselves.