Megan Beatty

Megan Beatty
Director, HeartWorks
Cornwell Center, O'Bleness Hospital

Fun Info:

Known as a "girly girl", I love the color pink, hair bows, purses, clothes, shoes, earrings, etc.

My first word was "broccoli" and it is still my all-time favorite veggie!!!

Cross country girl, I love to run! Favorite motivational phrase while running "hills are our friends"

WellWorks Team Member Since:


What My Position Entails:

I direct the cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation program and work one on one with patients as an exercise physiologist. I provide education and exercise therapy to reduce health risk and improve wellbeing.

Why I Enjoy My Job:

I love it when I see success from our program. When I see a client/patient get excited because they feel better and can do more in their day to day life it makes me feel like I have accomplished something.

I Chose This Career Path Because:

I have always had a passion for caring for and working with people. I knew I didn't want to be a nurse because I can't handle all of the blood and bodily fluids. I have always strived for health in my own life and therefore exercise physiology was the perfect fit for me.

My Professional Passion:

My passion is making people feel better about themselves, both mentally and physically. I want to share what I know and inspire others to realize that they can achieve optimal wellbeing by adopting a healthy lifestyle.