CUE Training

All publicized public events should be added to the Calendar of University Events (CUE) so that patrons can easily find them. Events can also be pulled into event feeds on webpages based on filtered criteria.

Instructions to Create Event

Log in to the CUE system at

Log in to CUE

Submit an Event

Submit an event: name and description

Add Event Name and Description

Add a unique event name and a detailed description of the event.

Add event name and description

Update Event Status

Select the Event Status choice from the dropdown menu: Live, Canceled, Postponed, or Sold Out. Note: Make sure you mark an event as canceled instead of just deleting it so that patrons can still find the information.

Update Status
Status choices: Live, Cancelled, Postponed,

Add Event Schedule

  • Add the start and end dates and times.
  • Use recurring events if the event will reoccur at regularly scheduled intervals. 
  • Choose Add to Schedule if there are multiple occurrences of event but not at regular intervals.
Add the scheduled date and time

Add Event Location

Select if event is in-person, virtual, or hybrid. Add the physical location. 

Add Event Location


Add event hashtag and website URL


Add hastag and website


Add Photo

Select the photo for the event. Each group does have a default image that will automatically be displayed, but it will be a better experience for the user if an authentic image is used.

  • Recommended size: 600 px X 400 px
  • Add the alt text (photo description)
Add photo


Choose Filters

Select the filters that apply to your event. Use the Command (or Control) keys to select multiple items.

Select filters for event

Add Ticketing Information

Add ticket cost and link to purchase.

Add ticketing information

Submit Event

Submit Event Request

After your event is submitted, it will be reviewed by your group officer or a staff member in UCM.

  • Request Access to add Events in the CUE

    To be able to add an event to the CUE, just sign up to create an account.

    Localist Sign up

  • Request Access to Administer a Group

    To request access to add a new group or to be a group officer, contact Alex Semancik (

  • Need More Help?

    Schedule an appointment with Alex Semancik ( if you have additional questions.

  • Add a CUE Feed

    A website editor can add a CUE feed element to an existing webpage. This feed will pull in events that share designated filter criteria. CUE feeds are generally placed on main college, department, or office landing pages.