Digital Display Screens – RiseVision

Digital displays utilizing content from the RiseVision system are prominently installed in most buildings on the Athens campus as well as many buildings at the regional campuses. These displays provide a great opportunity to share information with OHIO’s current students, faculty, and staff.

Based on your role and marketing needs, UCM provides services and coordination support for content on RiseVision digital display screens. I am a:

(1) Ohio University employee requesting custom digital display screen designs

Any employee of Ohio University can request custom content outside a full marketing campaign.

  • Complete the UCM Request Form (select Graphic Design > Web/Digital).
  • Mention in the request that you would like the content saved as a shared template in RiseVision. This means that the content can be shared on other digital display screens on campus.
  • Complete form at least 2 weeks before you need the content.

You may also request a digital display screen design as a part of a full marketing campaign. 

  • Complete the UCM Request Form (select Combination - request includes several elements above).
  • Mention in the request that you would like the content saved as a shared template in RiseVision. This means that the content can be shared on other digital display screens on campus.
  • Lead time for marketing campaign requests depends on the deliverables involved – see UCM website for more details.

UCM does not charge to create content.

(2) RiseVision admin who wants to add my content to the shared content repository

Any content created to the proper RiseVision specifications can be sent to UCM staff to be uploaded as a shared template for all sub company admins.

  • Content/slides that are not designed by UCM can be submitted to RiseVision by sending materials as an email attachment to
  • Content must fall within OHIO branding guidelines and be approved by UCM.
  • Content must be submitted at least 10 business days before it should be available for use by the display administrators.
  • Display administrators can access and display your graphic if they are seeking content for the monitors they manage, but administrators are not required to use graphics that UCM uploads to RiseVision if not needed.

(3) Ohio University employee requesting to share my content on a specific campus digital display monitor(s)

Any Ohio University employee may request that content/slide be displayed on a particular monitor(s) on campus.

  • To submit this request, complete the RiseVision Request Form – please have your materials ready to upload when you use the form.
  • Based on the display locations selected on the form, the respective RiseVision admins will be contacted directly with the request.
  • Depending on their individual display schedules, admins of the displays you are requesting may decline to use your materials.

(4) RiseVision admin seeking additional content for my department/unit's digital display monitor(s)

UCM is responsible for the content management of the shared content repository. This content is populated by assets created by UCM, as well as requested shared content (option #2 outlined above).

  • RiseVision administrators may access the shared content repository through the RiseVision system at any time when seeking content to add to their digital displays.
  • All shared templates are available to every sub-company.
  • UCM staff removes content after it is expired or no longer relevant or stores the content if can be used again for a recurring event.

Note: All digital display screens in Baker University Center (with the exception of the Admissions Visit Center) are managed by Event Services and there is a cost associated with this service. Visit the Event Services website for information on this process.


For RiseVision system/technical support or to request access to the system, please visit the OIT website.