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Trashion Show Recap

On November 14, the Sustainable Living Floor hosted "Trashion: An Upcycled Fashion Show."  Students made realistic and comedic clothing entirely of recyclable products.  We were even paid a special visit from...


Look, up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! 

No, it's Trash Man!

It's Trash Man!


One day, a seemingly average college student's life would be changed forever when he was bitten by an insect - the recycling bug. Once infected, his heightned awareness of single stream recycling led him to save his campus from litter and waste. Thus, using cutting edge reusable technology, he transformed into Trashman! Waste-conscious student by day, and also by night.




Do you want to be a superhero, too?

Check out the following sources to aid Trashman in his pursuit of life, liberty and trashlessness!