Charge and Membership

Radiation Safety Committee

The purpose of the Radiation Safety Committee is to establish and to administer regulations concerning standards and procedures designed to minimize the hazards associated with the use of materials and equipment that emit radiation. Persons with expertise in applications of radioactive materials and radiation devices are preferred for membership due to the technical nature of the Committee's work.

The Radiation Safety Committee is required to meet at least once per quarter.

This Committee reports through the Director of Environmental Health and Safety to the Vice President for Administration. 


Faculty :  7 Voting (Specifics Detailed Below)
Students :  1 Non-Voting (Ex-Officio: Specifics Detailed Below)
Administrative : 2 Voting, 5 Non-Voting, Ex-Officio (Specifics Detailed Below)
Classified : 0

Total : 15 (6 Non-Voting)

Committee Roster

David Ingram, Chair Chair, Faculty 2019
Michael Held Chemistry & Biochemistry 2021
Mark Berryman COM 2021
Robert Colvin Biological Sciences 2020
Ahmed Faik Environemntal and Plant Biology 2019
Thomas Massey Edwards Accelerator Lab 2020
Nick Okada Edison Biotechnology Institute 2021
Graduate Student (Non-voting, ex-officio)
Kristyn Brandenburg   2019
TBD     University Comms and Marketing Representative  
Michael Pidcock Procurement Services  
Steve Mack Director, Facilities Management  
TBD     Records Manager, Enviornmental Health & Safety  
Keith Lefler VP for Finance and Administration Designee  
TBD     EVPP Designee  
Alan Watts Radiation Safety Officer  
David Schleter Alternate Radiation Safety Officer  
TBD     Innovation Center  
Ricardo Gaytan Radiation Safety Technician  
Ex-Officio Non-Voting
Steven Grimes Physics & Astronomy  
Current as of September 25, 2018    

Composition Requirements

1. Chairman of Radiation Safety Committee - Faculty
2. The Radiation Safety Officer - Administrator
3. Alternate Radiation Safety Officer - Administrator
4. Biological Sciences - Individual User of Radioactive Material(s) - Faculty
5. Biomedical Sciences - Individual User of Radioactive Material(s) - Faculty
6. Chemistry - Individual User of Radioactive Material(s) - Faculty
7. Environmental and Plant Biology - Individual User of Radioactive Material(s) - Faculty
8. Edison Biotechnology Institute - Individual User of Radioactive Material(s) - Faculty
9. Edwards Accelerator Lab - Individual User of Radioactive Material(s) - Faculty
10. Non-Voting Ex-Officio: Graduate Student - From a science department
Non-Voting Ex-Officio: Administrator from Purchasing Department - Familiar with radioactive purchasing and delivering
Non-Voting Ex-Officio: Administrator from Physical Plant - Familiar with the facilities and custodial maintenance of buildings in which radioactive material is used
Non-Voting Ex-Officio: Administrator from Innovation Center - Business uses of radioactive material
Non-Voting Ex-Officio: Administrator, Vice President for Finance and Administration or Designee
Non-Voting Ex-Officio: Administrator

All University committees follow the academic-year calendar. All students serve one-year terms. Undergraduate students are indicated by US and graduate students by GS. Faculty, administrators and staff generally serve three-year terms; the year a committee member's term expires is shown to the right of the person's name. Individuals who are not students and who have no year to the right of their names have Ex-Officio appointments. Ex-Officio appointments have voting privileges unless otherwise noted.