University International Council

Charge and Membership

The University International Council (UIC) serves the Executive Vice President and Provost in an advisory capacity. Its broad charge is to initiate, foster, coordinate, evaluate and effectively communicate the global activities of the University, and to develop and propose new international education, research and service policies, and other related activities. The UIC will propose and monitor guidelines and priorities for the University's global activities in the following areas: global mobility of knowledge and experience; global diversity of campus life; and global relations and profile.

Appointments will be made by the President from nominations presented by the Committee on Committees. The faculty appointments are based on recommendations from the Faculty Senate Executive Committee based on nominations from the dean of each college. Each dean will nominate at least two faculty for each position.

Committee Roster


Patrick Barr-Melej
Interim Executive Director of the Center for International Studies (CIS)

Benjamin Bates
Professor, Health Communication

Ilana Chertok

Haley Duschinski
Associate Professor, Anthropology

Andre Gribou
Fine Arts

Natalie Kruse-Daniels
Environmental Studies

Chang Liu
Professor Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Vic Matta
Associate Professor of Analytics & Information Systems

Greg Obi
Associate Professor of Management

Bilal Urkmez
Assistant Professor Counseling and Higher Education

Administrators, Voting

Diane Cahill

Rebecca Challenger

Dr. Winsome Chunnu
Senior Director for Diversity Education Initiatives

Araba Dawson-Andoh
Subject Librarian, African Studies and Social Sciences

Teri Gartland
Assistant Vice President, Central Programs

Jneanne Hacker
Executive Director, Housing and Residence Life

Tosha Jupiter
Senior Copywriter, Academic Programs

Gerry Krzic

Christopher S. Lewis
Director, Office of Nationally Competitive Awards

Catherine Marshall
Global Opportunities

Andy Ray
Director, International Student Services

Dr. Mateo Remsburg
Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management and Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Emilia Alonso-Sameño
Retired Professor, Spanish

Vicki Seefeldt West
International Recruitment

Becky Simons
Instructional Designer

Administrators, Non-Voting

Katherine Hartman
Vice Provost of Faculty Development

Gillian Ice
Professor and Director of Global Health

Roxanne Male-Brune

Nagesh Rao
Social Medicine

All University committees follow the academic-year calendar.

All students serve one-year terms. Faculty, administrators, and staff generally serve three-year terms. Ex-Officio appointments have voting privileges unless otherwise noted.