Post Publishing Board

Charge and Membership

The role of the Post Publishing Board is to assist The Post in its efforts to help meet the university community's communication needs and to provide maximum opportunity for educational journalistic experience. The Board appoints the editor, and the student media sales internship manager representing The Post. The Board approves the annual budget and supervises financial procedures and operations with help from Cutler Business Services. The Board hears student and reader complaints not satisfactorily handled by the editor or internship coordinator. 

Recognizing the desirability and necessity of a free press on the Ohio University campus, the Board does not approve Post editorial or advertising content. It acknowledges its responsibility regarding the content of The Post is advisory and includes the following:
•    consulting with The Post editors in the development of a set of specific written internal policies which will serve as guidelines for making day-to-day editorial decisions and as orientation for new staff personnel;
•    consulting with the editors to assure such policies are followed consistently;
•    consulting with the editors to assure that personnel understand and abide by such generally accepted ethical responsibilities as those stated in the Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi;
•    consulting with the editors to assure maximum factual accuracy in The Post; providing periodic critiques of both general journalistic quality and specific content of The Post; and making suggestions for additional coverage.

To ensure the financial future and stability of the Post and to provide experiential learning opportunities for students, the Board will advise and hold the Student Media Internship Manager accountable on the following:
•    Maintaining consistent contact and customer satisfaction with advertisers and other potential Post clients
•    Creating new revenue generating opportunities
•    Aligning efforts with other experiential learning opportunities at the university which could include the College of Business, the Schey Sales Center, and the Center for Entrepreneurship at Ohio University
•    Building partnerships with other student and professional media on and near campus toward creating better advertising and customer building solutions
•    Meeting regularly with the student editor to maintain a content calendar.
•    Meeting regularly with student media sales interns to coordinate outreach, client and community support efforts
•    Reporting financials and revenue generating efforts to the publishing board each month.

As a university standing committee, the Board reports to the University Provost.


4 Voting: 2 At Large; 2 from Scripps School of Journalism
3 Voting: 1 Graduate; 3 Undergraduate, one of whom is Editor of The Post
3 Voting: 2 At Large; 1 Appointed by Vice President for Student Affairs
1 Voting
11 Voting

Committee Roster


Jeff Anderson
College of Business

Hans Meyer
Associate Professor, Journalism


Adam Bjorlin
Admissions Advisor

Chelsa Morahan
Assistant Director of Patron Services

Kevin Smith
Executive Director, Kiplinger Program

Megan Vogel
Student Affairs

Graduate Student

Sam Smith

Undergraduate Students

Alesha Davis

Ryan Maxin

Carson Sarver

All University committees follow the academic-year calendar.

All students serve one-year terms. Faculty, administrators, and staff generally serve three-year terms. Ex-Officio appointments have voting privileges unless otherwise noted.