Graduate Council

Charge and Membership

The Graduate Council reviews, coordinates, and serves as an advocate for graduate education at Ohio University. The Council has both advisory and policy-recommending responsibilities for graduate education. They initiate, review, and recommend University-wide policy for graduate education.

The Graduate Council recommends to the University Curriculum Council the initiation, implementation, and elimination of graduate programs and degrees at Ohio University. Other recommendations by the Council go through the Provost to the President for final approval.

The composition of the Graduate Council represents both those departments granting Ph.D. degrees and those departments offering only Master's degrees.


14 Voting; Minimum of 5 from Doctoral Programs and 5 from Master's-Only Programs
4 Voting Graduate Students; 3 Voting including the President of Graduate Student Senate; 2 At Large, with a minimum of 1 student from a doctoral program and one from a master's-only program, and 1 Alternate
Voting: Deans or Designees of the following colleges: Arts and Sciences, Business, Scripps, Patton, Russ, Fine Arts, Health Services and Professions, University Libraries, Heritage Osteopathic (HOM); and the directors and designees of the Center for International Studies and the Voinovich School Non-Voting: Graduate College Dean, Assistant Dean, Associate Dean, Director of International Student Services, and Director of Professional Development and Communications

Committee Roster


Melissa Bowlby
Program Director/Assistant Clinical Professor, Dublin

Gordon Brooks
Education Studies, Graduate Program

David Brown

Charlotte Elster

Ann Bainbridge Frymier, Ed.D.
Director, Professor

Allyson Hallman-Thrasher
Teacher Education

Lesli Johnson
Voinovich School

Neil Littell

Peter Mather
Professor, Counseling and Higher Education

Kimberlee Orben
Associate Clinical Professor

Shawn Ostermann
Russ College

Beth Quitslund

Kelley Walton
Sports Administration

Jeremy Webster


Patrick Barr

Aimee Edmondson
Graduate Director, Scripps
Faculty Athletic Representative

Gabriel Giordano

Laura Harrison
Counseling and Higher Education

Janet Hulm
Alden Library

David LaPalombara

Brian McCarthy
Arts & Sciences

Patrick O'Connor

Tomy Raimondi

Anirudh Ruhil

Eric Steinberg


Debra M. Benton
University Registrar

David Koonce
Interim Vice President for Research and Creative Activity and Interim Dean of the Graduate College

Greg Newton

Andy Ray
Director, International Student Services

Katherine Tadlock
Assistant Dean
Graduate College

Graduate Students

Jaxon Adams

Kubra Civan
Graduate Student Senate President

Courtney Silver-Peavey

Sam Smith

All University committees follow the academic-year calendar.

All students serve one-year terms. Faculty, administrators, and staff generally serve three-year terms. Ex-Officio appointments have voting privileges unless otherwise noted.