Charge and Membership

Sorority and Fraternity Life Committee

The Sorority and Fraternity Life Committee serves as the advisory body for all rules, regulations, and standards affecting the recognition of fraternity and sorority organizations on the Ohio University campus. This Committee provides recommendations to the Vice President for Student Affairs following discussion and consultation with the Interfraternity Council, the Women's Pan-Hellenic Association and the National Pan-Hellenic Council.

The Committee's recommendations include, but are not limited to, the following areas of concern:

---Assist and encourage individual and chapter development consistent with the mission, goals, and objectives of Ohio University, and the fraternities and sororities that comprise the system.
---Assist individual chapters and coordinating bodies such as IFC, WPA and NPHC in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with Inter/national offices of such organizations. This includes establishing expectations for the Inter/national organizations to assume as they relate to their member chapters on the Ohio University campus.
---Represent the best interests of the fraternity and sorority system before decision-making bodies of the University.
---Represent the best interests of the University and surrounding community to the Greek-letter organizations.
---Establish and periodically review standards of scholarship and behavior of the individual chapters and the fraternity and sorority system in its entirety including, but not limited to:
1. grade point average requirements for pledging, activation (assuming full membership), and chapter standing. This includes review of grade performance of all members or potential members on a regular basis.
2. chapter development expectations as they relate to educational, social, cultural, and recreational activities. This includes review of stated and practiced new member education programs, chapter educational programs, and involvement in recreational opportunities on the campus of Ohio University.
3. expectations and requirements of House/Chapter Proctors, house directors and advisors. This includes establishing basic qualifications, definition of role as it relates to the organization and the system, and recommended levels of remuneration where applicable.
4. behavioral expectations as they comply with the University Code of Conduct, standards to be established by the coordinating agencies and/or inter/national associations.
5. establishing health and safety requirements for individuals, particularly as they relate to the chapter housing facility, assuming one is operating and occupied by the fraternity or sorority. This includes compliance with all expectations and standards of the University, city, state, and federal codes.
6. Establish and periodically review sanctions that might be applied to chapters for failure to meet standards and expectations including, but not limited to:
a. chapter probation (for specific period of time)
b. chapter suspension
c. declaration of ineligibility (including individual membership in chapter, chapter recognition on the campus, chapter eligibility to participate in official University activities including recruitment, intramurals, or others as they may be defined).

The Sorority and Fraternity Life Committee carries out these responsibilities in the spirit and recognition that fraternities and sororities are recognized by Ohio University as educational/social organizations whose functions are to provide for an alternate lifestyle for students consistent with the educational mission of the University.

This committee reports its actions and recommendations to the Vice President for Student Affairs. 


Faculty :  1 Voting
Students :  6 Voting (1 At Large; 1 At Large Graduate Student; 1 Rep. of Women's Pan-Hellenic Association; 1 Multicultural Greek Council; 1 Rep. of National Pan-Hellenic Council; 1 Rep. of Interfraternity Council)
Administrative : 5 Voting (1 At Large; 1 Dir. of Judiciaries; 1 Asst. Dir. of Student Activities for Fraternity/Sorority Affairs; 1 Director of Student Activities; 1 Assoc. Dir. of Residence Life)
Classified : 1 Voting

Total : 12 Voting (Including 1 Community Member)

Committee Roster

Justin Frantz, Chair Arts and Sciences, Physics/Astronomy 2019
Marjorie Mora Budget Planning and Analysis 2019
Martha Compton Community Standards and Student Responsobility, Director  
Kristen Kardas Asst. Director of Campus Involvement Center for Greek Life  
Char Kopchick Asst. Dean of Students for Campus Involvement  
Jasmyne   Channel Housing & Residence Life Representative  
Keaton Bonomo, Interfraternity Council President  
Rosa Avina, Multicultural Greek Council President  
Derek Williams, National Pan-Hellenic Council President  
Mallory Golski, Women’s Panhellenic Association President  
Rachel Susany Student Senate Sorority & Fraternity Life Representative 2019
Christopher Meyer, Graduate Student Senate Representative 2019
Graduate Student
Christopher  Meyer      2019
Melanie Quolke     2020
Current as of September 14, 2018    

All University committees follow the academic-year calendar. All students serve one-year terms. Undergraduate students are indicated by US and graduate students by GS. Faculty, administrators and staff generally serve three-year terms; the year a committee member's term expires is shown to the right of the person's name. Individuals who are not students and who have no year to the right of their names have Ex-Officio appointments. Ex-Officio appointments have voting privileges unless otherwise noted.