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Simultaneous Removal of Ammonia, Urea, and Metals From Water


Ammonia, urea, and metals are all species that are commonly presented in wastewater that is derived from different sources. There are different processes that facilitate the removal of these species individually, including ion exchange, reverse osmosis, electro-winning, etc. However, none of these processes possess the ability to remove all of these species simultaneously. Such simultaneous removal can be achieved through oxidation by electrocatalysts and other additives. The method includes applying a voltage to an electrolytic cell that compromises an anode, a cathode and an alkaline electrolyte composition having a pH value of 11 or less.

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Issued Patents :
2,758,871 - Canada
CN102482124 - China
2419382 - France, Germany, United Kingdom
9,199,867 - US


Botte Gerri_sm

Gerardine Botte, Ph.D. is a professor and avid researcher for the chemical and biomolecular engineering department here at Ohio University. Dr. Botte first conceived this technology in Februrary, 2009 and she experienced successful results in March with an ammonia/nickel solution.